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Personal injury solicitor in Newport Pagnell

Considered to be part of the Milton Keynes urban area, Newport Pagnell is just four miles outside of the town itself. With a rich history, Newport Pagnell dates back as far as the 11th century, with mentions of the town being made in the Domesday Book. In recent years, Newport Pagnell has continued to expand, with the local population now exceeding 15,000 people.

Despite having its own commercial hub and being close to Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell also provides easy access to more rural locations. Situated close to the River Great Ouse, there are plenty of designated walks and hiking trails in the area.

Although Newport Pagnell is a popular place to live and work, the town has been the scene of some accidents. As in all places in the UK, residents and visitors can sometimes sustain injuries whilst in the area and this can lead to compensation claims.

If you’ve been hurt, it always make sense to access legal advice. If you’re not sure who caused your injuries or who is liable, it’s still important to get professional advice and assistance. By doing so, you can make sure that you don’t miss out on your chance to obtain injury compensation.

When you’re looking for legal help, however, you don’t need to limit your search to a local personal injury solicitor in Newport Pagnell. Whilst you may be able to local a law firm in the area, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find an expert personal injury solicitor in Newport Pagnell or that they’ll be able to provide the help you need.

Instead, why not contact us at Accident Advice Helpline? With over 17 years experience in the personal injury industry, we can provide all the advice you need and we can even help you to make a no win no fee compensation claim. Why wait? Call our expert personal injury advisers and find out more today.

Road traffic accident in Newport Pagnell

Nestled between the M1 motorway and the A509, there is a considerable amount of traffic in and around Newport Pagnell. Although roads in the town centre have a much lower speed limit than the surrounding major roads, this doesn’t always mean that drivers reduce their speed enough.

Sadly, a speeding vehicle is own of the most common causes of road traffic accidents and many people suffer serious injuries because other drivers have been going too fast. If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident in Newport Pagnell and you feel another road user was responsible for the incident, you could be entitled to compensation for the suffering you’ve been through.

Call Accident Advice Helpline now and let us get your personal injury compensation claim underway.

Whiplash accident in Newport Pagnell

As whiplash is a fairly common injury, people don’t always realise how serious it can be. As well as causing pain and discomfort in the neck area, whiplash injuries can severely limit your mobility. Whilst you’re recovering from this type of injury, you may be unable to move your neck as you normally would and this can prevent you from carrying out everyday activities. In addition to this, people who have experienced a whiplash accident in Newport Pagnell may also report excruciating jaw pain, backache and headaches due to their original injury.

Even though most people go on to make a full recovery from whiplash, this doesn’t prevent you from making a compensation claim for this type of injury. As long as you obtained medical help after the incident and you weren’t responsible for the injury itself, you should be entitled to take legal action. To learn more now, contact us at Accident Advice Helpline and we’ll be happy to help.

Slips, trips and falls in Newport Pagnell

As slips, trips and falls can occur in any location, there are very common accidents. You could fall whilst crossing a residential road, trip whilst out shopping or even slip and injure yourself whilst at work. When you’ve been affected by slips, trips and falls in Newport Pagnell, it’s important to determine what caused the incident.

If you stumbled because of potholes in the road, for example, a local council organisation may be responsible for the injuries you sustained. Alternatively, if you were in a shop at the time you fell, the owners could be liable for your injuries.

However the incident occurred, it’s worth speaking to our expert personal injury team. We’ll provide you with free no-obligation advice so you can access all the information you need and you won’t have to worry about paying any upfront fees or being put under any pressure. We can simply tell you more about how the claims process works and whether you’re eligible to make a claim, so that you’re able to make an informed decision about taking legal action.

Contact Accident Advice Helpline and learn more about making a claim after slips, trips and falls.

Work accident in Newport Pagnell

With a thriving town centre and numerous industrial parks in the area, Newport Pagnell is the home to many companies and businesses. Whilst some local residents may commute to nearby towns in order to work, there are a wide range of industries operating within Newport Pagnell and this ensures that there are various types of job roles in the town itself.

Unfortunately, the high rate of workplace accidents means that some people aren’t surprised or shocked when they’re injured at work. In fact, they may not even think to make a compensation claim after the incident.

If you’ve been hurt at work, however, you could certainly be eligible to obtain injury compensation. If you weren’t responsible for the accident which caused your injuries, your employer may be. As long as you obtained treatment from a medical professional and you make your claim within the relevant timeframe, you should have a good chance of successfully obtaining compensation.

Why put up with the harm caused by a work accident in Newport Pagnell? Call us at Accident Advice Helpline and make your claim today.

Claiming personal injury compensation

Although making a successful injury claim may seem complicated, it really doesn’t have to be. With us on your side, you won’t have to spend time filling in paperwork, making numerous court appearances or searching for a personal injury solicitor in Newport Pagnell.

We’ll be available to handle every part of your claim, so you’ll be able to focus on recovering from your injuries. If you’ve been injured in the last three years but you’ve yet to make a claim, why wait any longer?

Contact Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659 if you’re calling and get the help you need today.