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Personal injury solicitor in Hertfordshire

The English county of Hertfordshire covers 634 square miles and is home to approximately 1,140,700 people. It lies between Bedfordshire to the north and Greater London to the south. There are several large centres of population in the county, each with over 50,000 residents and they include Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage and Watford.

The county town is Hertford which was originally a medieval market town for the surrounding agricultural communities. Most of Hertfordshire’s undeveloped land remains in agricultural use and is protected by green belt.

There are several notable landmarks in the county. For history lovers, there is The Six Hills Roman Barrows site which is a scheduled ancient monument. It boasts some impressive earthwork features and forms the largest surviving group of burial mounds dating to the Roman period in England. For those who prefer a modern attraction, there are Leavesden Film Studios.

As a visitor to or a resident of Hertfordshire, perhaps you have been injured in an accident that you feel was not your own fault? Your hunt for a personal injury solicitor in Hertfordshire may be underway but did you realise that we can help? Give us a call here at Accident Advice Helpline before you search any further.

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Road traffic accident in Hertfordshire

The Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership is formed from several local public sector organisations including Hertfordshire County Council, Hertfordshire Police and the Fire and Rescue Service. The partnership organises schemes to promote road safety in the area and to prevent road traffic accidents. One example is the ‘Put it Away’ campaign to reduce the use of mobile phones whilst driving.

Hertfordshire road casualty data records a mixed picture for the area. The most recent data indicates that there are around 2600 accidents in Hertfordshire each year. There has been an increase of 4.7 percent in overall accidents. At the same time, the casualty total also increased by 5.1 percent. However, this was lower than the national rise. It is encouraging that child casualties decreased by 3.3 percent and pedestrian casualties decreased by 11.8 percent.

Road safety statistics are of little comfort when you are the one that has been injured and the accident was not your own fault. You are never merely a statistic to us. We fully understand the misery that an injury on the roads can cause.

If you are looking for a personal injury solicitor in Hertfordshire because of the actions of another driver, we here at Accident Advice Helpline want to help. We provide the highest standards of customer service. After a road traffic accident in Hertfordshire of any kind, we are there to provide legal support. Call us now.

Whiplash accident in Hertfordshire

The injury caused by excessive hyperextension, hyperflexion or rotation of the neck is called whiplash. Typically, a whiplash accident in Hertfordshire takes place at low speeds. One of the vehicles may even be stationary at the time. The bones suffer no damage but there can be extensive damage to the soft tissues of the neck. This results in neck pain and stiffness. The main neck symptoms can be accompanied by headaches and pins and needles in the hands and arms.

It is not advised that you diagnose whiplash yourself. You should seek medical attention as soon as the symptoms start and carefully follow the advice that the doctor gives you. Most of the time you will be advised on what painkillers it is safe for you to take. You will also probably be advised to keep moving gently. The notes that the doctor makes when you visit him or her are also important for any personal injury claim that you may want to make.

You may want to start a claim if the accident was not your own fault. You do not have to hand over large sums in legal fees to get the claim started. That is because here at Accident Advice Helpline we operate a no win no fee scheme. Call now and we will explain how that works in practice.

Work accident in Hertfordshire

Nearly a fifth of employees in Hertfordshire work in the wholesale and retail trade sector. A significant proportion (12 percent) also work in the professional, scientific and technical activities sector which is greater than the 8.6 percent national average.

Hertfordshire is considered a commuter county for London which would partly account for the high number of people who work in the professional sector. Many will commute to these jobs in the capital city. Nevertheless, Hertfordshire’s own towns, such as Watford, are key business locations in their own rights. In Watford alone, there are over 3,500 local, national and international business names and a world-renowned tourist attraction.

Professional level jobs are not always regarded as high-risk from a health and safety point of view. Workplace accidents are more traditionally associated with manual work. However, a work accident in Hertfordshire can happen in an office, a shop or a technical laboratory. Each workplace presents its own hazards which need to be quantified and controlled.

There is a systematic way for an employer to search for, identify, analyse and control hazards that an employee is exposed to. It is called a risk assessment and the method underpins all health and safety legislation.

Perhaps you have suffered a work accident recently and you have discovered that your employer did not carry out a risk assessment. Get in touch with us because we may be able to help you start a personal injury claim for compensation. We have been helping people with workplace accident claims for over 16 years. We can support you right from the start of this process. Call us now to find out more.

Slips, trips and falls in Hertfordshire

Sometimes slips, trips and falls in Hertfordshire could have been avoided if someone had applied a little common sense. Others could have been prevented if more care had been taken to monitor for hazards and remove them. This is a type of accident that can happen to any member of the public. They can also happen at any time and are the most common type of accident to occur in public spaces.

If you are feeling frustrated right now because you have an injury after a fall, we may be able to help you start a personal injury claim. Was an uneven floor surfaces or poor lighting the cause of your accident? This may form the basis of your claim.

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