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Injury Solicitors in Hanwell

The Sports Injury Solicitors Hanwell Sportsmen and Women often turn to

One of the injury solicitors Hanwell sportsmen and women use also offers support to anyone looking to pursue a sports injury claim wherever they are based here in the UK – Hanwell, Holyhead, or Hamilton.

The company in question is us here at Accident Advice Helpline, and sports injuries are but one of the many injury types that we specialise in when it comes down to pursuing personal injury claims.

A Matter of Free Choice

Sports injury claims are little more complicated than some other injuries when it comes down to verifying the credibility of launching an injury claim.

The fact of the matter is that people who take part in sporting activities usually do so through choice, although there are certain circumstances where people either do it as their profession, or they have to participate as part of their duties, for example people in the armed forces, or children at school.

Normal or Abnormal?

The key factor in determining whether or not you can instigate a claim for a sporting injury you have sustained, is whether or not the incident or accident is considered to be a normal risk when participating in that sport.

It’s when the injury that is sustained is not considered to be a part of “normal play” or “normal practice” that you may be eligible to pursue a claim for damages.

Neglecting a Duty of Care

Making a sports injury claim is something that anyone can do. You do not have to be a sports professional. You can be someone who is just taking part in that sport for fun. The main criterion is that you must be able to show that the blame for the injury lies with a third party, and that that third party has or had a duty of care towards you.

For example you would need to show that your injury was sustained because of that person’s negligence and that’s it was also reasonable to assume that that negligence could easily result in such an injury.

The Credentials of the Sports Injury Solicitors Hanwell Athletes Use

As the sports injury solicitors Hanwell athletes use, or athletes from anywhere else here in the UK use for that matter, we are well qualified. We have been helping athletes, business professionals, holidaymakers, shoppers, etc to pursue personal injury claims since we first started trading back in the year 2000.

Our no win no fee services are highly sought-after and unreservedly recommended by people’s consumer champion contact us today on 0800 689 5659.