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Personal injury solicitor in Eccles

For a lot of people, mention Eccles and the first thing they will think of is Eccles Cakes. First produced in the town in 1793, this flaky pastry delight is sometimes affectionately referred to as ‘dead fly pies’. As well as being a popular treat in the UK, it is exported worldwide.

The town of Eccles is part of Greater Manchester, just over two miles west of Salford and only three miles from the city centre. It is sandwiched between the M602 motorway in the north and the Manchester Ship Canal in the south. Eccles started out as primarily a farming town, until the industrial revolution when the textile industry was introduced. This helped the town to grow as people moved from other areas for work. The decline of the textile trade in the 20th century affected Eccles quite badly, much of the land the factories were built on now being occupied by houses.

Eccles still has manufacturers, but now they are making colourings for plastics and chemicals rather than textiles. It also has the headquarters of a large insurance and financial services company, and an employment agency that supplies staff to hi-tech employers. It is also home to several supermarkets and more than one large shopping centre. Eccles also has plenty of attractions for residents and visitors of all ages, and with Manchester so close by there is all that has to offer within a very short distance.

There is always the possibility that you could be injured in the town, in an accident that was not your fault. You may think you need to find a local personal injury solicitor in Eccles to help you claim compensation, but this does not need to be the case. Instead, call us at Accident Advice Helpline. As one of the largest specialist law firms in the UK, we can assist you wherever you are located in the country. Just call us today and find out how easy we can make your claim.

Road traffic accidents in Eccles

Greater Manchester Police are putting a lot of effort into reducing the number of road traffic accidents in Eccles and the wider area. The challenge they have set themselves is to detect and disrupt criminal use of the roads, stop poor driver behaviour and to work with neighbourhood staff to reduce vehicle related anti social problems. Their tasks and details of all initiatives to improve road safety can be found on the Greater Manchester Police website. One of the two units taking part in this programme will be based in Eccles.

It is hoped that all this hard work will reduce the numbers of seriously injured and deaths on the roads, some of which are extremely busy. The M60, M62 and M602 all resulted in land being compulsory purchased in Eccles, and as well as these motorways there are several A roads running through the area.

Sometimes, drivers get careless and cause accidents. Most of them are no more than minor bumps, but some of them are very serious and change the life of the victim forever. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident and had to seek medical attention, then your injury is severe enough for you to claim compensation from whoever was at fault.

Don’t worry about finding a personal injury solicitor in Eccles, as we have the experts who can help with your claim. For over 16 years we have been assisting innocent accident victims to win the compensation they deserved, and we are here to help you. Just get in touch today.

Whiplash accident in Eccles

Often, people who have never suffered a whiplash injury think it amounts to no more than a bit of discomfort in the neck, but when you become the victim, it becomes clear just how serious this type of injury really is.

Whiplash is very painful and can disrupt your life completely until you have healed. If you have been injured in a whiplash accident, you should expect to be out of action for a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks. But for some sufferers, the pain and stiffness can go on for months.

If someone else has caused you to suffer in this way because they caused your whiplash accident in Eccles, you may be entitled to compensation. The easy way to find out is to complete our 30-second test™, either online or by phone with one of our advisors.

All you have to do is answer four easy questions about your accident and injury, and this handy tool will let you know if you qualify for compensation. If you do, it will even give you an estimate of the amount you could be awarded. It’s simple, so why not try it right now?

Work accident in Eccles

In spite of losing the backbone of its economy with the demise of the textile industry, the unemployment rate in Eccles is only slightly higher than the national average. Of those employed, more than half work in administration or technical jobs, nearly a quarter work in the care sector, sales or leisure industry. The rest are employed in education, as machine operators or in other professions.

No matter what industry you work in, good health and safety is crucial to maintaining a safe workplace. Most employers will comply with health and safety regulations, but sometimes a work accident in Eccles can still occur, causing a worker to become injured. When the accident was caused by poor health and safety, inappropriate maintenance of equipment or tools, or by lack of training, you shouldn’t suffer in silence.

If this has happened to you, sometime in the last three years, and you had to seek medical attention, you could make a claim for compensation. When you are not feeling 100 per cent, you don’t need the hassle of finding a personal injury solicitor in Eccles, so just call us instead.

We can handle most claims over the phone, helping to keep the whole process simple, efficient and stress free. We will deal with the hard work so you can concentrate on your recovery. It really is easy to start a claim with us, so give us a call today.

Slips, trips and falls in Eccles

Slips, trips and falls in Eccles can have a devastating effect on your life. As the most common of all accidents, all too often innocent victims receive injuries through no fault of their own in slips, trips and falls that could have been prevented.

These types of accidents are often caused by the simplest of things. Not clearing up a spillage, leaving obstacles where they shouldn’t be, an unlit stairway, a drain cover left off; these are just a few examples where a little more care could have stopped an accident happening.

Although a simple trip or fall doesn’t sound too serious, it could be much worse than you think. Imagine if:

  • The spillage was on a kitchen floor; you could fall and knock boiling liquid as you go down. You could suffer some very nasty burns.
  • If the walkway the obstacle was left in should have been clear, and was between two pieces of machinery; you could suffer dreadful injuries if you fell onto one of the machines.
  • The unlit stairway was steep and concrete; you could easily sustain a few broken bones in a fall down these stairs.
  • The missing drain cover was over a deep hole; you could fall in, and be badly hurt.

If you have suffered from this type of accident and you think someone else was to blame, have a chat to our friendly advisors. We will answer all your questions and give you as much free claims advice as you need, without any obligation or pressure to go ahead. We are waiting for your call so why not ring us now?

Making a claim without paying any money

You will not have to pay us any money before we start the work on your claim, or any of our legal fees if your claim is lost. We work on a no win no fee basis so that we can be sure that you can afford to make your claim with us. Just one phone is all that is needed to get your claim off the ground, so give us a call today on 0800 689 5659.