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Personal injury solicitor in Worthing

Worthing is a classic British seaside resort on the south coast in West Sussex. Found at the bottom of the South Downs, it is positioned just 10 miles west of Brighton and 18 miles from Chichester. As a component of the complex of Brighton, Worthing and Littlehampton, it forms the 15th largest populous urban area here in the UK.

As an urban area and a sought after tourist resort, Worthing has something of everything for residents and visitors alike. It boasts a large and active service industry with a solid nucleus in the financial services sector. Entertainment-wise it has three theatres plus the Dome cinema, one of the

Worthing has its fair share of folklore including the Midsummer tree, an ancient oak believed to be around 300 years-old. Legend has it that in the evening, skeletons would arise from beneath the tree to dance around it until dawn broke. When the light of a new day spilled onto the Earth, it was the signal for the skeletons to return from whence they came, back into the soil beneath the tree.

The old oak was at one stage doomed for removal as part of a redevelopment plan, but the plans were revised in 2006, and since then, the tree still stands and hosts meetings every Midsummer’s Eve.

Using Accident Advice Helpline as you injury claim solicitor

With such a dense population, it is not surprising that people are injured in accidents with alarming regularity. If you are looking for a personal injury solicitor in Worthing, we are here to help you to claim personal injury compensation.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we have been helping people to successfully claim personal injury compensation since we first started up back in the year 2000. We operate on a nationwide basis, so whether you reside in Worthing or somewhere else here in the UK, we can help.

We are experienced with all types of accident claims, some of which are detailed below. The other thing worth bearing in mind is that we work on a no win no fee basis, so no matter what your financial situation, you can access the professional legal representation that you need.

Road traffic accidents in Worthing

Road traffic accidents (RTAs) are one of the most common forms of accidents in the UK today. Sometimes they are caused by driver error, sometimes they might be down to some sort of mechanical failure, and then there are times when other road users can be the cause. Road traffic accidents in Worthing are no different.

If you would like to find any information regarding a specific road traffic accident in Worthing or anywhere else here in the UK, you can try the website.

If you have been hurt in an RTA and you believe that someone else was at fault or partly to blame, you could be entitled to financial compensation. This is when you might find yourself in need of a top personal injury solicitor in Worthing. With the national coverage we offer here at Accident Advice Helpline, you’ll find we are the best choice.

Remember that Accident Advice Helpline also work on a strict no win no fee basis, so you have the comfort of knowing that in the unlikely event that your claim should fail, you will not have to pay our legal fee. Call us today to find out more.

Whiplash accident in Worthing

It could be that you have been injured in a whiplash accident in Worthing. It is one of the most common injuries that RTA victims suffer, although it’s not just car crash victims. Anyone who is involved in an accident, whereby a sharp jolt causes the head and neck to uncontrollably jerk backwards and forwards in a whiplash type action, can suffer this form of damage.

A whiplash injury often manifests itself the day after the accident. This is because when you go to sleep, the damage to the neck muscles and ligaments develops, exacerbated by the lack of movement. The damage can last anywhere from two weeks to several months; it is important to go and see your doctor to get personal advice about your recovery.

Not only will your doctor be able to offer advice and treatment, they will also produce a medical report which you will need as proof of your injury if you do wish to proceed with a compensation claim. If you call our helpline here at Accident Advice Helpline, we will be able to give you all in the information you need about starting a claim. Call us today.

Slips, trips and falls in Worthing

Slips trips and falls in Worthing happen all the time; just like anywhere else here in the UK. All it takes is for a trip hazard to left in the wrong place, a wet floor not cordoned off after cleaning, or a slippery floor following some sort of spillage, and people can fall and get hurt.

These types of accident can happen anywhere; in the home, while out shopping in the High Street, or in shopping malls like the Royal Arcade or the Guildbourne Centre, or in your place of work. As with any accident that causes injury you wish to claim compensation for, the blame must be attributed tp someone other than the injury victim.

Any injury you suffer must be serious enough to warrant medical treatment. If you are uncertain whether your injury can be claimed for, for whatever reason, why not get in touch with our helpline and chat to one of our friendly advisors? Claims should be instigated as soon after the accident as possible. Technically you have up to three years to make your claim, but our advice is the sooner the better, so please get in touch today.

Work accident in Worthing

Your place of work can also present hazards that can cause injury. Some of these hazards are not obvious (trailing leads across office floors, or poorly set-up work stations) whereas others, in factory or warehouse situations, are more blatant and may need special training to avoid.

A typical work accident in Worthing could be a repetitive strain injury, or it might be caused by a potentially dangerous machine that wasn’t fitted with appropriate guard equipment. Whatever the nature of the accident or how it came about, if someone other than you was to blame, you will be entitled to compensation.

To have a valid claim for a workplace accident you will need to have received medical treatment for your injury, and the incident needs to have taken place in the past three years. The blame for the incident must also lie (at least partly) with a third party.

If you appoint Accident Advice Helpline as your personal injury solicitor in Worthing, we can walk you through the process and assist with building a case to claim. We will give you free accident and injury advice, so call our helpline today on 0800 689 5659.