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Personal injury solicitor in Wellingborough

Are you looking for a personal injury solicitor in Wellingborough? If you would like to combine legal expertise with the opportunity to make a claim using a no win no fee arrangement, why not try a national law firm such as Accident Advice Helpline? We were established in the year 2000, and since then we’ve built up an impeccable reputation when it comes to making personal injury claims for compensation. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of clients win millions of pounds between them. You could be our next success.

Located in the county of Northamptonshire, Wellingborough is a market town just 11 miles Northampton, and situated on the north side of the River Nene. It is commutable to Leicester, Nottingham and Milton Keynes. According to the 2011 UK census, the borough had a population of 75,400, of which 49,087 were accounted for by the town’s inhabitants. The government has earmarked Wellingborough as one of a number of towns where they will direct growth, and therefore over the next thirty years, the population is set to increase by a third. London St Pancras International railway station is commutable by train, taking under an hour.

If you’ve had an accident on the roads, or on public transport, or even if you’ve had an accident at work, or whilst out and about in public, call Accident Advice Helpline today in absolute confidence. We will happily assist you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have had an accident during the last three years
  • You received treatment for your injuries
  • You were not to blame for the accident.

For more information, or to find out about exceptions to these rules, please call us today.

Road traffic accidents in Wellingborough

Northampton is a county with a number of roads that are designated as Red Routes. One of these is the A510 Wellingborough to Finedon. A road that is classified as a Red route means it is officially one of the most dangerous. It is designated such after a Red Route highways officers examines the collision history along the road, and establishes contributory factors. The criteria for a Red Route is ‘four fatal or serious accidents within a 1,000-metre stretch of road in a rural area or over 500 metres within an urban area in a three-year period.’ A Red Route can also be designated thus, if there has been a high number of crashes where people have been injured.

The vast majority of accidents occur because of driver error. It is often the case that the driver will make a simple mistake or be momentarily distracted by something else and this leads to accidents. Sometimes it is a case of someone driving too fast, and not taking account of the road, traffic or weather conditions. On occasions, drivers can be wilfully dangerous and reckless, tailgating, overtaking, racing and endangering the lives of others.

If you have been involved in road traffic accidents in Wellingborough and would like to make a claim for your injuries, you can do so as long as the accident was caused by someone else. Get in touch with Accident Advice Helpline today and ask about making a no win no fee claim.

Whiplash accidents in Wellingborough

no win no fee claims are particularly useful if you want to make a claim following whiplash accidents in Wellingborough. Whereas a personal injury solicitor in Wellingborough may not be able to offer no win no fee, this is something that we at Accident Advice Helpline are able to offer to all of our clients.

Whiplash is often an injury brought about after a car accident. It is caused when two forces collide. When there is a speed difference between the two forces, this can cause the head to ‘whip’ forwards and back, backwards and forwards, or from side to side. This causes a strain on ligaments and muscles. Usually whiplash requires rest and painkillers along with gentle exercise, but in severe cases it may well require medical treatment.

However, it is not just car accidents that cause whiplash. Here at Accident Advice Helpline we have seen cases of whiplash among sports players, among people who have taken a fall and hit their heads, among people who engage in extreme sports such as parachuting and hand gliding, and also among pedestrians and cyclists. The same rules of physics apply regardless. Even a minimum speed difference of 5 mph can cause whiplash.

If you’ve experienced whiplash and you genuinely have a case, of course we will be happy to assist you. Call us today and ask about making a no win no fee claim for your whiplash injuries.

Slips, trips and falls in Wellingborough

Every day in Wellingborough and surrounds, people are hurt in simple slip, trip and fall accidents. Fortunately, in the majority of cases, such accidents leave few injuries, just bruised pride. However, if your slip, trip or fall was caused through the negligence of carelessness of a third party, and you received treatment for your injuries, did you know you should be able to make a claim?

Slips, trips and falls in Wellingborough occur at public events, in shops and supermarkets, in car parks, on business premises, on roads and pavements and in parks and leisure facilities. They can be caused thanks to obstructions, or poor signage, or because people have left things lying around that should have been cleared up. Sometimes we see slips, trips and falls as a result of fallen leaf mulch and debris, or because of ice on untreated pathways.

Does any of this sound familiar? If you would like to make a claim following your accident, talk to our advisers about the process, and see what we can do for you today.

Work accident in Wellingborough

When businesses cut corners in order to make a profit it can spell disaster. Putting profits before safety can result in serious accidents, and employees being injured through no fault of their own

If you’ve suffered a work accident in Wellingborough and are in two minds about making a claim against your employer, consider this. What if the next person who is injured in your workplace succumbs to those injuries?

Breaches in health and safety are extremely dangerous, and you can play your part by highlighting those to HSE and making a claim for your injuries. To talk to Accident Advice Helpline in confidence about making a claim, call us today.

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When you’re considering hiring a personal injury solicitor in Wellingborough but you need to combine legal expertise with no win no fee, Accident Advice Helpline are the law firm you need. Call us today to enquire about making a claim for compensation for your injuries.

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