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Personal injury solicitor in Taunton Deane

Covering over 170 square miles, the borough of Taunton Deane is located in the south west county of Somerset. With over 45 parishes, the area caters for over 110,000 people and has a range of amenities and facilities. Close to the Bristol Channel, the area also has a number of sites and attractions.

Owned by the National Trust, Fyne Court is, perhaps, one of the most popular estates in the south east. With three designated walking trails, Five Pond Wood and orienteering courses available, visitors can explore the outdoors in all sorts of weather. Similarly, Vivary Park is an ideal place for outdoor adventures. Set close to a medieval fish farm, the site has a range of activities on offer; including, mini golf, playgrounds and rope courses.

In addition to this, Taunton Castle and the Museum of Somerset are popular attractions, with many events taking place at both locations. Whilst Taunton Deane is comprised of many rural areas and pastures, the Blackdown Hills are an ideal place to enjoy the landscape. With part of the hills falling within the Taunton Deane boundary, it’s easy for residents to escape into the countryside and enjoy walking, cycling or horse riding in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Despite the stunning scenery and tranquil environment, it’s not uncommon for accidents to happen in Taunton Deane. Like all areas in the UK, Somerset has its fair share of incidents and it isn’t always possible to avoid sustaining an injury. If people act negligently or recklessly, this can increase the chances of someone getting hurt and you may have simply been unlucky when you suffered an injury.

However, if you’ve been hurt because of someone or something else, you should be able to obtain compensation for your injuries. With Accident Advice Helpline ready to fight your corner, you won’t even need to spend time trying to find a personal injury solicitor in Taunton Deane.

To find out more about making an injury claim with us, get in touch with our friendly personal injury team today.

Road traffic accident in Taunton Deane

As the M5 motorway travels right through the area, Taunton Deane is on the main thoroughfare to the south east. With millions of vehicles travelling this route each year, it’s not surprising that accidents can sometimes happen. Of course, road traffic accidents don’t just happen on motorways. In fact, collisions are more likely to happen on the A roads which surround the area, than on the larger carriageways.

Regardless of where your injuries occurred, you should be able to make a claim for compensation if they weren’t your fault. Even if another road user didn’t intend to hurt you, they can still be held responsible for a road traffic accident in Taunton Deane, and you can still obtain compensation.

When you take action with Accident Advice Helpline, you may be surprised at just how easy it is to make a claim for injury compensation. We handle the majority of cases over the phone and most of our claimants don’t even need to attend court in order to access compensation for their injuries.

Why waste time searching for a personal injury solicitor in Taunton Deane when you can get the help you need with just one phone call? Contact Accident Advice Helpline now and find out how we can help you.

Whiplash accident in Taunton Deane

If you’re involved in a car or vehicular accident and you escape without serious injuries, you may feel extremely relieved that you haven’t been badly hurt. However, the shock of the accident may be masking the pain of the injuries you have suffered. It’s not unusual for people to develop pain and discomfort in the days following a whiplash accident in Taunton Deane, even if they weren’t in any pain in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

Sometimes, this indicates that an individual is suffering from whiplash so it’s important to access advice from a medical professional. Whilst whiplash can take some time to heal, a doctor will be able to prescribe appropriate medication to minimise your pain and provide you with the relevant treatment advice.

If you’ve sustained a whiplash injury through no fault of your own and someone else was responsible for the incident, you should also feel able to make a claim for compensation. If the incident happened within the last three years and you’ve yet to take action, contact us at Accident Advice Helpline today. With time running out, we’ll do everything we can to get your claim started as quickly as possible.

Slips, trips and falls in Taunton Deane

With hazards all around us, it’s not uncommon for people to succumb to slips, trips and falls in Taunton Deane. Whether you’re setting out on a long trek in the countryside or simply nipping to the shops on foot, it only takes a second for your feet to go from under you. When this happens, people can sustain any number of injuries and one simply fall could result in a multitude of pain and suffering.

After this type of incident, your first thought might be to contact a personal injury solicitor in Taunton Deane. However, there’s no guarantee that a local law firm will be able to provide the specialist help you need, and you may end up paying more than you need to.

With over 17 years’ experience and no win no fee services, there’s no doubt that Accident Advice Helpline can make the claims process simple and effective. contact us today and find out how we can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Work accident in Taunton Deane

If you work locally, you may be aware of some potential hazards in the workplace. If so, it’s essential that you report them to your manager or employer as quickly as possible. Whilst all workplaces contain dangers, it’s how they’re managed that makes the difference between someone going home unscathed or someone suffering a serious injury.

If your employer hasn’t responded to safety concerns or hasn’t provided a safe working environment, you could be caught up in a work accident in Taunton Deane. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of people across the UK suffer workplace injuries each year, so it’s not an unusual position to be in.

If you’ve been injured and you believe your employer is at fault, let us help you to obtain compensation for your injuries. Call Accident Advice Helpline and speak to our expert personal injury team today.

Getting compensation for your injuries

If you feel unsure about making a claim, it may help to find out how much compensation you could be entitled to. Often, people are surprised at just how much their claim could be worth and have no idea what amount of compensation they could be missing out.

To find out how much compensation you could be awarded, based on the injuries you’ve suffered, take our easy 30-second test™ now. Alternatively, contact us on 0800 689 5659 if you’re calling and we’ll provide all the help you need.