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Injury Solicitor in Romford

There are hundreds of thousands of road traffic accidents in Britain every year. 20% of them involve motorbikes, even though these two-wheeled vehicles account for just under 2% of the traffic. Many people assume that if a motorbike is involved in an accident, it must have been the rider’s fault. This could not be more untrue. Other driver’s unawareness, or potholes and bad road surfaces cause most accidents of this nature. This is why so many motorbike riders are eligible to make a personal injury claim, and why they turn to our injury solicitor in Romford to help them.

Tips to lessen the severity of their injuries

As part of the training to ride a motorbike, the riders are taught to be much more aware than car drivers. Many people think that for this reason alone, riders make better car drivers. Of course there will always be motorbike riders who do silly things, and ride much faster than they should. But for most of them, they cannot avoid the accidents others cause them to be injured in. All they can do is try to lessen the severity of any injuries they may sustain.

  • Wearing a crash helmet is a legal requirement, but can also be a life saver. A good quality, well fitting helmet will reduce the risk of head injuries by 50%. This does not stop 80% of rider’s deaths being from brain injuries though.
  • Leather jacket, gloves and trousers can help reduce the severity of injuries such as road rash, and any cuts and abrasions. Leather is a much hardier material than many others, and will give them more protection.
  • Good quality boots will help protect their feet and ankles.

There are many fakes of all riding gear on the market, and they will not give the protection they should. It is always advisable for them to purchase their gear from a reputable dealer. It may cost them a bit more, but those extra few pounds could mean the difference between life and death in an accident caused by someone else.

Our injury solicitor in Romford will make sure riders are properly represented

Because it is often assumed that the motorbike rider must have been at fault, they need the best legal representation. They will get that at Accident Advice Helpline, and we endeavour to make sure they do not shoulder the blame for an accident that was not their fault.

Motorbike riders, just like innocent victims of any other type of accident, should claim the compensation they are entitled to. We are here to help them do that, as we have already helped many thousands of claimants over the last 14 years.

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your own fault, call our freephone helpline on 0800 689 5659 and speak to our friendly advisors. They will give you all the advice you need about making a claim, free of any obligation or pressure to proceed.

However you call, don’t leave it too long. You only have three years after the accident to make your claim, so the sooner you get in touch the better.