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Personal injury solicitor in Plymouth

Plymouth is a coastal city in Devon, England. Famous for its manufacture and export of Plymouth Gin, not to mention the busy Devonport Dockyard, the city is also popular with tourists attracting in the region of 12 million visitors every year.

A number of landmarks can be found in the city, including the Royal Citadel, Smeaton’s Tower and the commemorative Mayflower Steps. Tourists also use the city as a base for visiting Dartmoor and the beautiful beaches of Cornwall.

Historically Plymouth is famous for being the jumping off point for the original founding fathers, but the city has changed a great deal over the centuries since then. The modern Plymouth is a thriving metropolitan city with financial businesses, retail outlets and BBC South West’s headquarters, as well as many sports facilities and museums.

With a growing population and a regular influx of visitors, Plymouth is a very busy city. As is the case in all metropolitan areas of the UK, accidents can happen from time to time. No matter what kind of accident you were involved in, if it happened within the last three years and someone else was at fault, Accident Advice Helpline can help you.

We’re one of the largest law firms in the UK, and for over 16 years we’ve been helping innocent accident victims to make successful claims; and we can help you too. Give us a call and find out for yourself just how easy claiming compensation can be.

Road traffic accidents in Plymouth

Due to its position on the coast, Plymouth frequently experiences the brunt of storms and bad weather, with flooding and high winds at times. Combined with busy traffic and ongoing road improvements, this can make driving in the area hazardous.

With that said, accidents on the roads have reduced significantly in the last decade, although serious injuries and fatalities have grown overall. There were 74 serious injuries or fatalities in 2011 and 76 in 2015. The local council continues to implement a number of traffic schemes and road safety measures to tackle this problem.

Road traffic accidents in Plymouth don’t just involve car drivers; pedestrians and cyclists can be injured too. In fact, last year more than one accident a week was recorded by Devon and Cornwall Police which involved a cyclist, totalling 69 incidents around the city over the course of the year. Of these, 20 resulted in serious injury to the cyclist, with Crownhill Road, Embankment Road and The Ridgeway named and shamed as the most dangerous areas for riders on two wheels.

Outside the city centre, the busy A38 is a hotspot for accidents, with around 45 crashes every year ranging from minor shunts to fatal disasters. The roads leading out into Dartmoor and to other villages around the city tend to be very narrow, and can be hazardous to anyone who is travelling too fast.

If you were injured in an accident in Plymouth and it wasn’t your fault, don’t suffer in silence. You could be eligible to make a claim. You could search for a suitable personal injury solicitor in Plymouth to represent your case, but how do you know if they’re really any good? Take the guess work out of the equation and choose Accident Advice Helpline, the tried and tested, proven service that really gets results. Call today to find out more.

Whiplash accident in Plymouth

Plymouth is a city with a rich sporting tradition, including football, basketball, rugby union and speedway. While many people think that whiplash only occurs in car accidents, this isn’t the case. In fact, competitors in contact sports, speedway racing and even someone just falling down awkwardly could suffer from whiplash too.

Whiplash is caused by the muscles in the neck becoming overextended when the head is thrown forward, and while this commonly happens during a car crash, it can also occur in any event where there is an impact to the body. It does commonly occur in car accidents, because the seatbelt holds the body still causing the force of the impact to be concentrated on the head, and can happen even at very low speed collisions.

Most people who are injured in a whiplash accident in Plymouth recover quickly, but some people find that symptoms can last longer. In fact, around one in five people experience symptoms for up to a year or more. Those symptoms, like headaches, muscle pain, fatigue and lack of concentration, can affect work, life and social activities.

You could be eligible to make a claim if you were injured in this way and someone else was to blame. You could receive compensation for your pain and suffering, as well as an award to help you replace some of the money you have lost paying out for prescriptions, taxis and other out of pocket expenses.

If you’re looking for a personal injury solicitor in Plymouth, talk to us first. We have extensive experience in helping people just like you to make a claim for whiplash, and can provide the expert legal advice you need on a no win no fee basis. Call now and talk to our advisers about how we can help you.

Slips, trips and falls in Plymouth

Many slips, trips and falls in Plymouth are preventable, which makes it hurt even more when you’ve suffered because of someone else’s negligence. With good housekeeping and preventative measures, employers, retailers and others can do more to protect visitors from slipping or falling on their premises. Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive outlines a variety of ways in which slips, trips and falls can be minimised.

These include ensuring that cables are gathered and tidied away instead of trailing across the floor, that spills are mopped up quickly and that signage is used to highlight areas of danger. All public areas should be well lit and free from obstruction, and floor coverings should be fit for purpose and well maintained.

If you were injured in a slip, trip or fall anywhere within the last three years and you weren’t at fault, you might be able to make a claim. Compensation could help to cover some of the costs associated with your injury, including loss of earnings, medical bills or prescription charges and even travel costs to and from GP or hospital appointments.

Take the stress out of claiming; instead of hunting high and low for a suitable personal injury solicitor in Plymouth, contact Accident Advice Helpline. We’ll give you free, no-obligation advice and will support you throughout your claim.

Work accident in Plymouth

Plymouth numbers around 107,000 unique jobs, two thirds of which are full time. Large numbers of people who live in Plymouth are employed in the public sector and it has higher than average percentages of people employed in administrative roles and the service sector. An unusually high proportion of workers are employed in manufacturing positions, making everything from chewing gum and pasties to luxury yachts and medical supplies.

With a large university as well as several further education colleges and higher learning institutes, it is no surprise that one in ten workers are employed in educational roles. Derriford Hospital is a major medical facility for the whole of the south west, employing around 20 per cent of Plymouth’s workforce there.

Whatever your job role, there is no career which is completely safe from unexpected accidents. The 13,000 people working in the manufacturing industry in Plymouth are probably at more risk of serious injury, due to the heavy machinery they operate, but that’s not to say those working in education or retail don’t need to be vigilant for health and safety too.

For example, a simple job in a restaurant kitchen could be hazardous if people aren’t taking good care. Hot surfaces, harmful substances and lifting hazards can all cause accidents if they are not treated properly, and when kitchens become busy, people might be inclined to take shortcuts, perhaps not putting utensils back where they should go, or not turning off a gas stove.

While it’s everyone’s responsibility to look after their health and safety at work, employers have a legal duty of care to their staff. They must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that any hazards are removed or minimised, usually achieved through a thorough risk assessment, and the appropriate use of training and signage.

If employers cut corners, people can get hurt. That’s why, if you were injured in an accident at work and you believe your employer was responsible, government legislation entitles you to make a claim for personal injury compensation. But making such a claim after a work accident in Plymouth can be complex and, at times, stressful course of action. It’s not a good idea to go it alone, so you should make sure you have the right help on your side.

Accident Advice Helpline can support you throughout this type of claim, taking the stress out of the situation and giving your claim the very best chance of success. All of our solicitors have experience of handling complex personal injury claims and, because they all work on a no win no fee basis, there’s nothing to pay upfront to start your claim. Talk to our advisors today and find out free if you can claim.

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