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Injury solicitor for North Ayrshire

A slip at work or in the street may seem like a very common and even amusing thing to happen but a serious slip in which you are badly injured is less common and less amusing. If you have had a serious slip that was less than three years ago then you may be able to start an injury claim by contacting a personal injury solicitor for North Ayrshire.

We at Accident Advice Helpline can help you with this because we provide a 24/7 hotline and comprehensive information section on our website.

Here are some questions that people who are thinking about looking for an injury solicitor for North Ayrshire after a nasty slip often ask.

Personal injury solicitor for North Ayrshire – slip claims FAQs

What sort of injuries can I claim for?

An injury solicitor for North Ayrshire can help with all injuries that may be incurred in a slip accident so long as they were serious enough to require medical attention. This can be things like a broken arm or dislocated shoulder as we often put out our arms to save ourselves as we fall.

If one of your legs slipped to the side as you fell then an ankle or leg injury can be the result. Some lower limb injuries can be very serious or even life threatening. Some people have bled to death after suffering a broken thigh bone (femur). A compound fracture of the ankle is another serious injury. Here the bones are so badly broken that they stick out of the skin and cause an infection risk.

Who do I claim from?

The personal injury lawyer specialists here at Accident Advice Helpline will help you to sort this out. They can establish exactly who was to blame for your accident – this is who you claim from.

If you fell at work then you may be able to claim from your employer because they failed to provide a safe working environment. Some employers have an employer’s liability insurance policy for this sort of claim.

If you slipped in a public building then you may be able to claim from whoever has responsibility for making that building safe. Most organisations have public liability insurance to cover this.

What can I do if my accident was caused by poor maintenance?

Sadly this is quite common. Many devices and equipment can leak fluid if they are not maintained properly. People have slipped on fluid leaking from air conditioning units, fridges, freezers and vending machines. You can make a claim if the lack of maintenance can be shown to have caused your accident.

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