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Injury solicitor for Midlothian claims

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Injury solicitor for Midlothian claims

Workplaces are, sadly, often the location of accidents. For example, a worker in a woodworking shop may end up needing an injury solicitor for Midlothian because he has been hurt in a workplace woodworking accident that was not his own fault.

One type of accident that can occur in a wood working shop is an explosion and this can produce very serious injuries indeed. For this type of specialist accident it is always best to have a specialist personal injury lawyer on your case and this is why so many people contact us at Accident Advice Helpline.

We can deal with the complexities of a serious industrial accident and multiple injuries.

How does an injury solicitor for Midlothian establish blame?

We will allocate you a specialist personal injury solicitor for Midlothian who will set out to prove that another person, probably an employer, was at fault for the accident.

There are several factors that could have contributed towards an explosion in a wood workshop and they all need to be examined by the specialist workplace injury solicitor.

Employers should be fully aware of the explosive nature of the dust in a wood workshop and should have taken suitable precautions. The most important precaution is often regarded as the separation of wood dust and potential sources of ignition – the two things that are needed to cause an explosion.

A source of ignition could be a naked flame, faulty electrics or an impact spark from two pieces of metal hitting each other. One obvious precaution would be the removal of welding operations to other areas or installation of spark detection devices.

Wood waste should always be collected in an appropriate collection system. It is best if ducts are made of material that can conduct electricity so that static electricity does not build up and potentially spark – this is an important safety feature. There should also be several access points in the duct work so that it can be inspected regularly.

Negotiations by a specialist workplace injury solicitor

Once the solicitor has proved that the employer is to blame for an accident then it is clear that they are the person who will be paying the compensation to the injured employee. In practice the employer may be an organisation or a company rather than one individual.

Compensation is often paid out of an employer’s liability insurance policy and so the negotiations are with a large insurance company. Once a settlement is agreed the payment is made and this is usually done out of court –  in fact most cases are handled over the telephone and internet from the comfort of the claimants home!

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