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Injury solicitor in West Berkshire

Claims for an injury sustained in an accident on a country road may need the assistance of an Injury solicitor in West Berkshire

Have you been looking online to find help from an injury solicitor in West Berkshire? If so, you will not be the first person to have looked. Many before you will have had need of an injury solicitor in West Berkshire after becoming the injured victim of a traffic accident in the area.

The local district of West Berkshire is found in the county of Royal Berkshire in England and statistics have been released that show that the district leads the county for the most number of crashes on country roads.

In 2013 there were 1,070 reported crashes on country roads in the West Berkshire area. This means that over a third of crashes in the county happened in West Berkshire. 34 per cent of collisions in Berkshire occurred in the district. It was found that 925 of the 1,070 collisions involved drivers who lived in West Berkshire so it is not a problem with drivers from outside the local district. Behind West Berkshire, was the area of Windsor and Maidenhead that had 23 per cent of the reported collisions in Berkshire with 729 road crashes.

The Department of Transport released the statistics and it showed that each week over 16 people are injured on country roads in Berkshire. Also, it indicated that Friday is the most common day for crashes with 17 per cent of crashes happening on this day.

A campaign group has been set up by locals called Safer Roads Berkshire to make motorists more aware of the dangers on country roads that can be encountered. The operations director for the campaign group has said that the roads need to be skilfully and carefully managed as country roads can be narrow and twisty. This makes it easy to lose control of a vehicle and cause collisions that can have tragic consequences.

In addition, the Department of Transport has stated that country roads have 11 times the number of fatalities than motorways with an average of three people dying on country roads each year across the nation. The department has urged motorists to drive at a speed that allows ample time to stop for hazards and provide cyclists and horse riders with lots of space when driving around them.

If you are injured in an accident on a country road then you may make claim with an injury solicitor in West Berkshire. You could also opt to take advantage of the experience and skill offered by our expert in-house solicitors here at Accident Advice Helpline.

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