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Have you been hurt by a hit and run driver?

Although any type of road traffic accident can be devastating, an incident involving a hit and run driver can be particularly traumatic. Whilst anyone can unfortunately cause a collision, most people take responsibility, are extremely apologetic, and attempt to get medical help to the scene as quickly as possible.

However, when the person responsible merely drives off, they often don’t bother to call for medical help either, so people could be suffering for longer and could even die needlessly if medical help doesn’t arrive in time.

If you’re hit or involved in a collision and you don’t know who was responsible because they fled the scene, you may presume that you won’t be able to make a claim for compensation. However, this isn’t always the case and an injury solicitor in Melbourn may still be able to help you.

Can you claim with an injury solicitor in Melbourn?

An incident involving a hit and run driver is taken very seriously by the police and they will often try to track down those who were involved. As a collision tends to leave lots of evidence in many cases, the police will be able to identify the vehicle involved and, subsequently, who was driving it.

For example, if your vehicles collided, there may be pain from the other vehicle on your car or van which could help to identify it. Similarly, if the other vehicle was injured at the scene, pieces of it, such as wing mirrors or hubcaps, could help to identify it.

As police will often be able to identify the perpetrator, an injury solicitor in Melbourn could then help you to make a compensation claim against them. As many areas are now covered by CCTV, you may find that the incident has been recorded which could highlight who was responsible and how the incident actually occurred which could help your injury solicitor in Melbourn when they begin to make your claim.

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