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Personal injury solicitor in Bolton

If you want to find the friendliest people in Britain, Bolton is the place to go. At least, that’s according to a survey carried out by the British Association for the Advancement of Science. This accolade was given to the residents of this Greater Manchester town several years ago, and many of them will tell you it is still the best place in the UK to live.

Situated just 10 miles from Manchester city, the city is a stone’s throw from the beautiful West Pennine Moors. There are many historical buildings in the town, some of them dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries, with approximately 700 listed buildings in the area, many in the town centre itself.

With many parks, cinemas, theatres, and family attractions, not to mention numerous festivals and events throughout the year, it’s no surprise that tourism in Bolton is booming. 6.5 million people visit Bolton every year, massively inflating the town’s resident population of 130,000 or so and adding to the crowds on both the roads and pedestrian areas.

In such a busy, bustling location, it is little surprise that occasionally accidents happen. Whether it’s a crash on the road, a slip or fall in a public place or an unexpected accident at work, Accident Advice Helpline is here for you.

We work with innocent accident victims every day, helping them to bring justice to their situations. Just like you, many started out looking for a personal injury solicitor in Bolton, but realised that we offered the assistance that they needed. We’ve already helped thousands to win the compensation they deserve, and we are ready help you too. Just give our friendly advisors a call today and we’ll do the rest.

Road traffic accidents in Bolton

Second only to Manchester City, Bolton has some of the most dangerous roads in the Greater Manchester area. The A675 Belmont Road has seen numerous fatal and serious accidents over the years, and the busy A6 and A66 in the town, as well as the M60 and M61, are frequently sites of accidents of all severities. Over the course of a year, Bolton had 523 road traffic accident casualties, out of which there were four deaths and 77 serious injuries.

Part of the problem in Bolton is the sheer volume of traffic. Two of the most congested places in Greater Manchester are in Bolton. Both on the M61, they are junction three at Kearsley and junction two at Walkden, which see regular users snarled up in traffic jams for around 72 hours a year. Such delays can cause frustration and can incite poor judgement, leading to accidents during the rush hour.

Whether you were a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorbike rider or pedestrian, if you were injured in one of these road traffic accidents in Bolton, you have the same rights to compensation. If the accident was not your fault, you should consider making a claim, and we are here to help.

We have over 16 years experience of making successful compensation claims, and are the experts you need on your side. We will ensure that all aspects of a personal injury claim are accounted for, such as the way your life has been affected and any financial losses that are related to your accident.

You need to know that your claim will reach its full potential, and when you let Accident Advice Helpline assist you, you can rest assured that your claim will be in the safest of hands. Call us today to find out more, or to start the claims process with us.

Whiplash accident in Bolton

Whiplash is a common muscular injury that occurs when the head is suddenly forced forwards, sideways or backwards, straining or tearing the muscles and ligaments in the neck. It is rarely serious, with most sufferers making a full recovery within a few weeks. However, whiplash can be extremely painful, and the muscular nature of the injury can make daily tasks difficult. This is why so many accident victims seek compensation for their injury after they have been in a whiplash accident in Bolton.

Most whiplash injuries happen in car accidents, but there are many other ways it can happen. From tripping over to falling from a bike or lifting something heavy; whiplash is not confined to road traffic accidents alone.

If you have suffered a whiplash injury in an accident that was not your fault, you may be looking for a personal injury solicitor in Bolton to help you make a claim. Look no further, because we are here to help. Just call our friendly advisors and give them the details of your accident and injury.

Having a chat with us puts you under no obligation to make a claim, but if you do decide to go ahead it will be with some of the finest solicitors in the industry. We always work on a no win no fee basis, so there’s no need to worry about the affordability of our services. We are the best, but we also want to know that every innocent victim can afford to make a claim. no win no fee makes professional legal representation available to everyone, so call us today to find out how we can help.

Work accident in Bolton

Once known for its heavy industry, Bolton has had much of this replaced towards the end of the last century with more service-based businesses. In spite of the increase in jobs in call centres, IT companies and high tech electronic companies, there are still a few of the old industries left. Paper making, packaging, textiles and steel foundries are among the more traditional trades for Bolton, as is the large bakery that is home to one of the most popular breads in the UK.

Facts and figures produced by Business Bolton show that not only is the unemployment in Bolton higher than the national average, but the income from the available jobs is lower than the rest of England. Despite this, around 120,000 people work in jobs in Bolton, with the majority in retail, health or manufacturing.

No matter what your job, employers have a responsibility to make sure your working environment is safe. This may include providing training, providing protective clothing and maintaining machinery in the workplace. If they fail in this duty and you are injured in a workplace accident in Bolton because of their negligence, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Finding a specialist work accident personal injury solicitor in Bolton might be a daunting prospect. At Accident Advice Helpline our solicitors are very experienced in handling workplace accident compensation claims, and we will make your claim as simple and stress free as possible.

Compensation is not the only reason you should make a claim. By making a claim, you will be ensuring your employer takes responsibility for what happened to you, and improves their health and safety standards. This could prevent other workers from suffering an accident at work, so call us today to see how we can help you with your claim.

Slips, trips and falls in Bolton

Slips trips and falls in Bolton can happen in the home, at work or even in a public place. Sometimes they are our own silly fault, caused by lack of concentration or just bad luck, but occasionally they could have been prevented if someone else was doing their job.

In this situation, you have a right to seek compensation for your injuries. Whether it was a slip on a wet floor, a fall down some poorly maintained stairs or a trip over something that shouldn’t be there, if someone else caused your injury then you shouldn’t suffer in silence.

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) holds lots of information on how slips and trips happen, and gives useful advice on how to prevent these situations too. According to them, the majority of accidental injuries in the UK are caused by slipping or tripping, and over 37,000 people are injured in a fall from height every year.

Many of the claims we deal with are for a slip, trip or fall of some sort, and we have helped many thousands of victims to win the compensation they deserved. Our advisors are here to help you and are waiting to take your call, so why not call us now?

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