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Personal injury solicitor in Hereford

Are you looking for a personal injury solicitor in Hereford, but you’re not having much luck finding a solicitor who can meet your needs? You should consider a national law firm with years of experience instead. Established in the year 2000, Accident Advice Helpline may be exactly the law firm you need, especially if you’re seeking expertise, and the opportunity to make a no win no fee claim.

Located in Herefordshire, Hereford is home to around 60,000 people, and enjoys a location surrounded by beautiful countryside. Within a stone’s throw of the gorgeous Wye Valley, and with numerous historical market towns, villages and attractions nearby, Hereford is a wonderful place to live, work and play.

If you’ve had an accident in Hereford and are thinking of making a claim for your injuries, the basic criteria for making a claim with Accident Advice Helpline are as follows:

  • You were hurt in an accident that was not your fault
  • The accident occurred during the last three years
  • You were treated for your injuries.

If you can tick all of these boxes, why not give us a ring for an informal chat about pursuing your accident claim? There are some exceptions to these rules, so if you’re still unsure whether you have a claim worth pursuing, call us anyway and we can talk you through it.

Road traffic accidents in Hereford

There are a number of roads around Hereford that are a cause for concern and can potentially be considered dangerous if drivers are not paying due care and attention. Among these is the A4110 Canon Pyon Road, which is a site of many near-misses thanks to extremely careless driving. The nature of the road means that it is used by all road users, including cars, lorries, tractors, motorbikes, cyclists, horses and pedestrians. The near-misses occur when people become impatient thanks to the slower road users and try and overtake, but this often puts others at risk unnecessarily.

Trunk roads can be extremely dangerous as they encourage higher speeds and reckless overtaking. One of Britain’s most dangerous trunk road has been identified as the A49 between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye. Research suggests that two thirds of single carriageway trunk roads are unsafe at the posted speed limit, and that the lack of barriers to stop motorists running off the road can lead to serious injuries and fatalities.

If you would like to make any road traffic accident claims, call Accident Advice Helpline today. Tell us all about the accident and who was involved, along with details about your injuries and your treatment plan. Call now and see whether you have a claim.

Whiplash accidents in Hereford

Congestion in Hereford is a huge bug bear for many residents of the city. Journeys which should take between five and ten minutes can sometimes take much longer thanks to traffic chaos. There are obvious peak times for traffic, namely on Fridays, during rush hours, and school collection time. The reverse side of the coin is that the streets appear empty during mid-mornings, half-terms and the summer months when better weather make it easier for people to take their bikes or walk, rather than get in the car.

It doesn’t take much to create a bottleneck in the city – a broken down lorry, or a badly parked car can lead to misery for hundreds of drivers. That misery can then manifest itself in aggressive driving, or lapses of concentration, and this in turn can be a cause of accidents.

If you’ve been injured in a rear-end or sideways shunt, thanks to the poor concentration of someone else, then you should consider making a claim for your injuries. There is no reason not to claim for whiplash accidents in Hereford if you have been genuinely injured and have the medical evidence to back it up.

Don’t forget, here at Accident Advice Helpline we offer no win no fee to all of our clients, so we are more than happy to discuss your options when you are considering making a claim for whiplash. Call us now!

Slips, trips and falls in Hereford

On the face of it, you may think that slips, trips and falls in Hereford are hardly worth making claims for, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s true that many slips, trips and falls don’t amount to much more than grazes and bruises, but the fact is, if the accident was not your fault and you suffered an injury, any injury, then you should make a claim.

Think about it. Not making a claim, or reporting the accident, could set a precedent. And what happens then if someone else is injured in exactly the same way? You may, for example, have slipped on a cardboard box left on the floor in a supermarket. If a supermarket employee gets into the habit of leaving packaging on the floor, that can then lead to a serious incident. You may have bruises, but the next person may break a wrist, and the person after that may suffer head injuries.

If you still have doubts, call us today and have an informal chat. We’ll help you decide whether you have a claim to pursue, and we can tell you all about no win no fee and how making a claim won’t leave you out of pocket. Call now.

Work accident in Hereford

Any personal injury solicitor in Hereford understands that slips, trips and falls at work can be incredibly serious. While in most cases, such incidents prove non-fatal, some 20 per cent of all work injuries sustained every year are as a direct result of a slip, trip or fall.

If you have been injured in a work accident in Hereford and you are unsure whether to make a claim, at Accident Advice Helpline, we completely understand that. It can be tough to claim against an employer, when you fear that you may end up losing your job. The thing to remember is that your employer has a responsibility for all employees, and must abide by health and safety legislation. Where an employer fails to do so, they are liable.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline we take your employment rights extremely serious, and we have all the expertise you need to ensure that making a claim for your work accident does not jeopardise your job or career. For a confidential chat about making a no win no fee claim against your employer, or even for some advice, call us today.

No obligation when you talk to Accident Advice Helpline

If you’re looking for a personal injury solicitor in Hereford, consider Accident Advice Helpline first and opt for national expertise. You can call us for a chat about your accident and injuries, and we’ll be happy to advise about making a claim. There’s no obligation to make a claim when you call, but we can happily talk you through the process and advise on making your no win no fee claim.

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