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Personal injury solicitor in Harlow

Looking for a personal injury solicitor in Harlow and not having too much luck? You may be better off approaching a national law firm such as Accident Advice Helpline, which can offer you many years of experience combined with a great deal of expertise in personal injury compensation. We offer our services all across the UK, and Harlow is no exception.

Harlow was one the ‘new towns’ built after the second world war, in a bid to replace bomb damaged housing in the capital, and provide social housing to workers and their families. Designed by the architect Lord Gibberd, the town originally covered twelve square miles, and contained many neighbourhoods comprised of all the facilities commonly needed, including: schools, shops, medical facilities and large green areas. The neighbourhoods were grouped around the town centre.

Naturally the town has grown over the years, thanks to its links to London, and the population density is now high. Harlow has a population of 84,600 and is expected to increase to 91,800 by 2015. That’s an increase of eight per cent or 7,100 more people. On the whole, the population is aging which is increasing demand on the available health services, social care and housing needs. Current estimates suggest that the number of over 65s will increase from 13,200 to 16,000 or 21 per cent of the total population, while the proportion of the working age population will fall slightly from 58 per cent to 55 per cent. There are several deprived areas with poor health and unemployment, and a high rate of crime meaning many residents feel unsafe.

If you have been the victim of an accident and it was not your fault, you can make a claim for compensation for your injuries. If you’re looking for a personal injury solicitor in Harlow and not getting very far, talk to Accident Advice Helpline and see how we can help you.

Road traffic accidents in Harlow

Harlow is a town known to have an issue with rogue motorcyclists. The number of complaints to police has doubled in recent years, with police receiving calls about motorbikes, quad bikes, pit bikes and mopeds being ridden around town either illegally or in an antisocial manner. Officers patrol hotspot areas to keep an eye on the dangerous use of such vehicles, and have also undertaken education work with children in the local schools.

After one pensioner was killed after being hit by a motorbike in Harlow while crossing the road, one resident said he was “not surprised” that the fatal crash happened, because the bikes drive at breakneck speed, and bikers don’t think about other road users. However, it is important to remember that under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002, bikes cannot be ridden on common land, moorland, land which is not part of the road, a footpath, bridleway, restricted byway or private land without the owner’s permission because it is dangerous and people and animals are liable to get hurt. If you are a victim of an accident, you are entitled to make a claim.

If you have been involved in road traffic accidents after a collision with a motorcycle, or any other means of transport and the accident was not your fault, you should consider making a claim for your injuries. Call Accident Advice Helpline today to discuss your accident and find out whether you can make a claim using our no win no fee agreement, regardless of what kind of road user you are.

Whiplash accidents in Harlow

Harlow’s transport infrastructure deficit has unfortunately been identified as a major issue for both local business and residents in one report. Congestion is created because all the town’s industry is located on the northern and western sides of the town, while the motorway link is to the east. The two areas are linked directly by the A414 which runs through the town, but of course all the through traffic contributes to massive congestion. The new Junction 7a of the M11 is timetabled to open in 2021 and should help to ease traffic in Harlow and support economic growth and local businesses, but of course in the meantime, roadworks won’t help the situation, and drivers have a tendency to lose patience and drive less carefully in congested traffic, which can lead to carelessness and traffic accidents.

One of the issues we see a great deal of at Accident Advice Helpline is whiplash. While whiplash can be caused through a number of different accidents, the most common reason for this injury is a road accident, and usually a shunt from the rear.

We know that many people are reluctant to make a claim for whiplash accidents in Harlow, but we feel that if you have medical evidence of your injuries, and the accident was not your fault, of course you should put a claim forward and win a compensation pay-out. If you’re unsure about whether you have a claim or not, call Accident Advice Helpline and speak to one of our friendly advisers. They can tell you whether you can make a claim for your whiplash injury or not, and make an estimate of what your pay-out might be. Call us today to find out more about claiming with no win no fee.

Slips, trips and falls in Harlow

Some of the most common injuries we see at Accident Advice Helpline are caused by simple slips, trips and falls. You may feel a bit silly making a claim for your injuries after slips, trips and falls in Harlow, but as with all accidents that were not your fault, we urge you to do so.

It’s fair enough when we slip or trip thanks to our own carelessness, but when someone else has been negligent and not cleaned up after themselves (in a shop, supermarket or other public place, for example,) then you have been injured through no fault of your own, and in those circumstances you should be able to claim for your injuries.

Think about the pain and the inconvenience you have suffered thanks to the accident. You have had to make adjustments to your life and, perhaps, lost income. Here at Accident Advice Helpline we want to claim compensation back for all of that, so call us today and ask about making your no win no fee claim.

Work accident in Harlow

Harlow’s industrial sector is based on a knowledge-economy, offering employment in a range of knowledge-based services, such as telecommunications, computing, research and development, finance and business services, and recreational and cultural services, and there are a large number of small businesses and enterprises. Average wages in the knowledge economy businesses based in Harlow are high, but the majority Harlow’s resident population are under-skilled and under-qualified. This means that the resident workforce performs in the bottom 20 per cent of districts by national standards, and there are high levels of lower wages and unemployment.

This places added pressure on anyone who has a work accident in Harlow, because they may well fear that they will lose their job if they take their employer to court. At Accident Advice Helpline, we are aware of this dilemma, and so we recommend that when you’re thinking of hiring a personal injury solicitor in Harlow, so that you may talk to them about your employment rights as well as accident compensation.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline we have all the expertise you will need when it comes to making a claim against your employer, and we will fight your corner to ensure your rights are upheld. For a confidential chat about making your work accident claim, get in touch with us today.

No win no fee and years of expertise!

When you need to make a claim for an accident that was not your fault, call us for an informal chat. If your accident occurred within the last three years and you received medical attention for your injuries, find out whether we can help. We offer no win no fee agreements to all of our clients and make claiming your compensation simple. Call us today on 0800 689 5659.