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Personal injury solicitor in Gateshead

Lying on the southern bank of the River Tyne, Gateshead is one of the largest settlements in Tyne and Wear. Known for its architecture, some of the UK’s most iconic buildings and monuments are situated in the area.

The Angel of the North, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the Sage Gateshead entertainment venue are all located in or near the town and these landmarks bring many tourists to the area. In addition to this, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge is one of the town’s most popular architectural triumphs.

The Tyne Bridge, St Mary’s Heritage Centre and the Beamish Museum are also popular attractions in Gateshead. Whilst Gateshead has all the fixtures of a modern town, it also offers numerous cultural venues, such as the Great North Museum, the Discovery Museum and the Centre for Life.

Currently home to approximately 150,000 people, Gateshead is a much-loved town. With various community-run events taking place throughout the year, residents are committed to keeping their town safe, friendly and fun.

With a relatively large population, however, it isn’t uncommon for accidents to occur in Gateshead. Accident Advice Helpline specialise in personal injury claims and we can help if you’ve been affected by an accident in or around Gateshead.

If you’ve been injured because of someone else in the last three years, contact us today and find out more about making a claim for personal injury compensation.

Road traffic accidents in Gateshead

In an effort to reduce the number of traffic accidents and collisions, Gateshead Council has launched a number of road safety initiatives. By teaming up with Road Safety GB North England, Gateshead Council has recently taken part in a campaign designed to educate young drivers. It is hoped that educating younger or inexperienced drivers about road safety will help to reduce the number of accidents in the area.

Although these campaigns can help to increase road safety, accidents do still occur. With so many vehicles on the roads, it’s simply inevitable that collisions will happen on occasion. Whilst most people accept that accidents can happen, it’s particularly upsetting if you’ve been injured in an accident which could have been avoided.

If another road user was speeding, not paying attention or simply disregarded the rules of the road and they caused an accident to happen, you’re right to take action against them. If you want to obtain compensation for your injuries, you won’t even need to find a personal injury solicitor in Gateshead.

With our dedicated in-house team working on your behalf, you can feel confident that you’ll get the compensation you deserve after road traffic accidents in Gateshead. Call us now and let’s get working on your claim as soon as possible.

Whiplash accident in Gateshead

Whilst some serious injuries only tend to occur in high-speed crashes, whiplash can be caused by any type of road traffic accident. Even the slightest impact can cause your neck to move awkwardly and this can lead to whiplash.

When whiplash occurs, it’s because the tendons and ligaments in your neck have been overstretched. If another vehicle hits your car, for example, the impact is likely to move your head backwards and forwards or from side to side. This unnatural movement is normally what causes the damage to occur and you may suffer from pain for weeks after the event.

Although whiplash is usually caused by road traffic accidents, it can actually occur in a number of ways. Whilst you can certainly make a claim for whiplash if it was caused by a car crash, you could also make a claim if your whiplash injury has been caused by another type of accident.

Providing someone else was responsible for the injury you sustained and you obtained medical help following the incident, we can help you to take action. Remember – you needn’t have undergone surgery or been admitted to hospital as an inpatient in order to be eligible to obtain compensation.

As long as you obtained medical treatment of some kind, this should be enough for you to pursue a claim. If you saw your GP, attended hospital, received a prescription for painkillers or were referred for further treatment, you could still move forward with a claim for compensation.

If you’ve been hurt in a whiplash accident in Gateshead, contact our personal injury advisers and make a claim today.

Slips, trips and falls in Gateshead

With so many people moving around the town, it’s easy to see how slips, trips and falls can occur. It only takes a couple of seconds for an accident to happen and you may not even realise what’s happened until after the incident.

When you’re walking around Gateshead, you should feel confident that the area has been made safe. In most cases, public areas are well-maintained and free from hazards but it only takes one lapse for an accident to occur.

Of course, slips, trips and falls can occur in indoor locations too so it isn’t just outdoor accidents which can give rise to compensation claims. If you were on private property at the time of the accident, this shouldn’t prevent you from making a claim with Accident Advice Helpline. In fact, it could even be easier for us to identify exactly who is liable for your injuries.

If you’ve been injured because of slips, trips and falls in Gateshead, we can put things right. Although we can’t heal your injuries, we can ensure that you don’t suffer financially because of an incident that wasn’t your fault.

If you’re keen to make a claim but you’re worried about the cost of contacting a personal injury solicitor in Gateshead, we can certainly help. Our expert advisers provide free no-obligation advice so you can get all the information you need without having to worry about paying anything upfront.

Call Accident Advice Helpline now and find out if you can make a claim for injury compensation today.

Work accident in Gateshead

If your employer has failed in their duty of care, they should be held accountable. Health and safety laws are designed to keep people safe and they are applicable to workplaces for an important reason. Without these regulations, employees could be exploited, put into dangerous situations and forced to risk injury in order to carry out their work.

Fortunately, the vast majority of employers take their responsibilities very seriously and they’re committed to providing safe working environments in Gateshead. If you feel your employer has failed to implement the relevant regulations, however, and you’ve suffered an injury because of it, we want to hear from you.

By telling us what happened and describing the injuries you sustained, you’re giving us all the information we need to get your claim started.

Even if your employer is generally compliant with health and safety laws, you can still make a claim following a work accident in Gateshead. Whilst the incident may not be a major breach of safety regulations, the fact that you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own should be enough to warrant compensation.

To access more information, simply call our personal injury team and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Claiming personal injury compensation

The aftermath of an accident can be a stressful and exhausting time. As well as trying to recover from your injuries, you may be facing practical and financial problems as a result of what’s happened. With so much going on, you won’t want to waste your time trying to find a suitable personal injury solicitor in Gateshead.

At Accident Advice Helpline we understand how disruptive an unexpected accident can be. When you make your claim with us, we’ll work on your behalf so that you can focus on your recovery while we make your claim for you.

If you’re suffering financially as a result of the incident, we can help with that too. We’ll work on a no win no fee basis so you won’t have to pay anything upfront. In addition to this, we’ll help you to claim back any expenses you’ve had to pay for because of your injuries. When you obtain compensation with Accident Advice Helpline, we’ll make sure you don’t suffer financially because of an accident that you didn’t cause.

With most claimants subject to a three year time limit, there’s no time to waste. Contact Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659 if you’re calling and get your claim started today.