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Injury solicitor for East Dunbartonshire

Overall, the good news is that the number of accidents on our roads is decreasing. This means that the number of people having to consult a road accident injury solicitor for East Dunbartonshire because they have been involved in a road accident that was not their fault is decreasing.

However, there are some developments in car design that may actually increase the number of injured people who have to use the services of a road accident injury solicitor for East Dunbartonshire.

Silent cars – the future

One development may be the introduction of silent cars. You may have already come across silent cars which run on electric batteries or you may own one yourself. These cars have been introduced to reduce carbon emissions and prevent global warming but they are also claimed to be a cost effective way of travelling around.

Initially, a silent car seems like a good idea – none of us exactly enjoy listening to heavy traffic. On the other hand, there are concerns that they could increase the number of accidents involving pedestrians and so could increase the number of people using the services of a road accident injury solicitor because they have been injured in accidents that were not their own fault.

Silent cars and a road accident injury solicitor for East Dunbartonshire – FAQs

Why would silent cars make more people need a road accident injury solicitor for East Dunbartonshire?

Some people are worried that silent cars present an increased risk to pedestrians because they cannot hear them coming. It has been claimed that you hear a silent car around one second before it hits you – obviously not enough time to get out of the way. Pedestrians have grown accustomed to using their hearing together with their eyesight to judge how far away a vehicle is. They also use their hearing and eyesight to judge how fast it is going. Currently we teach children to look and LISTEN before they cross the road and maybe this will have to change to an emphasis on looking.

Are any particular pedestrians at most risk?

The obvious group of pedestrians that are at more risk are blind pedestrians. Elderly people and children may be at greater risk because they cannot get out of the way of an approaching car quickly. Cyclists, horse riders and road maintenance crews may also be particularly vulnerable if they cannot hear a car coming.

What can be done to limit the risk?

Silent cars can be fitted with a noise generating system. This may be a useful way of alerting road users that a car is approaching. It may be possible to change the level that is emitted to very loud on a busy city street and quiet on a country lane.

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