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Personal injury solicitor in Dartford

Although Dartford is situated in the county of Kent, the Borough is just 18 miles outside Central London. Known for its industrial heritage and manufacturing industry, Dartford is now a key residential and retail location.

With a £150 million regeneration plan still underway, over 1,000 new homes are to be built in Dartford, along with a number of shops, restaurants and offices. Although a significant number of manufacturing companies have now left the area, Dartford continues to be a popular place to live.

The Bluewater Shopping Mall, just a mile away from the Dartford Crossing, is one of the most popular shopping locations in the UK. As well as serving residents of Dartford and the surrounding areas, Bluewater attracts shoppers from all over the south east.

Similarly, The Orchard Theatre and The Mick Jagger Centre are well-known performance locations in the area. As well as hosting community-run events, the venues regularly host a number of national and international acts.

With over 100,000 people living in the area, Dartford’s main attractions can get busy and overcrowded. With thousands of shoppers travelling to Bluewater Shopping Mall during peak retail seasons, it’s not surprising that accidents can happen on occasion.

Like residents of any town or city, the population of Dartford are aware of the risks of living in a modern area. Whilst the vast majority of people don’t suffer any harm whilst living and working in the area, there are some people who may be affected by accidents.

When these accidents occur, people may not realise that they are due compensation. In fact, they may not even bother to find a personal injury solicitor in Dartford because they aren’t aware that they could make a claim.

If the accident has been caused by someone or something else, however, it’s more than likely that they’ll be eligible to take action. At Accident Advice Helpline we regularly help claimants to obtain the compensation they’re owed and, if you’ve been injured whilst in Dartford, we could help you too.

If you’ve suffered an injury and you weren’t responsible for the incident, contact Accident Advice Helpline and make your claim with us today.

Road traffic accidents in Dartford

Although Dartford has a comprehensive road network, the most well-known local carriageway is the Dartford Tunnel. Catering for an average of over 135,000 vehicles per day, the road crosses the River Thames and connects Dartford to nearby Thurrock. As the tunnel is one of the main routes across the River Thames, it is well-used and nearly always congestion. Informally recognised as part of the M25 motorway, it’s not uncommon for traffic tailbacks to be over 5 miles long when congestion is at its peak.

Of course, it isn’t just the M25 which can be affected by traffic in the area. The A206, A225 and Dartford Road all run through the area and can face severe traffic due to the number of vehicles passing through the area. With many shoppers also travelling to and from Dartford on the A2, it’s not surprising that accidents can occur fairly easily.

As you might expect, road traffic collisions can be extremely upsetting for everyone involved. Even witnesses can be adversely affected if they’ve seen a serious accident occur, and they may not have even suffered any physical injuries as a result of the accident.

If you’ve been injured because of road traffic accidents in Dartford, you should find it easy to obtain compensation. As most of the carriageways in the area are covered by CCTV cameras, it’s likely that there will be video footage of the incident and this can help to identify who caused the incident.

At Accident Advice Helpline, we can access this evidence on your behalf and use it to ensure you get the compensation you’re entitled to. We’ll also contact the relevant third parties and submit your claim at the earliest opportunity, so that you can get your compensation as quickly as possible.

To get your claim started today, just contact our experienced advisers and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Whiplash accident in Dartford

Most people assume that whiplash occurs because of traffic-related incidents and, whilst this is a common cause of whiplash-injuries, there are other incidents which can cause people to get hurt in this way. Dartford has an extensive rail network, for example, and it’s not uncommon for people to sustain whiplash whilst travelling on public transport.

If a collision occurs on a railway or a train brakes hard, it can cause passengers to lose their balance. In addition to this, they may be moved around the carriage, thrown from their seat or be jostled by other people on the train.

In these circumstances, it’s very easy for a whiplash injury to occur. The neck is easily damaged and the relevant muscles only need to be overstretched for whiplash to develop. Once this has happened, people may find themselves suffering from pain and tenderness for weeks or months.

Following a whiplash accident in Dartford, people should feel confident about making a claim for compensation. With our help, you’ve got the best chance of obtaining compensation for your injuries and we’ll even handle your claim for you.

Whether you’ve suffering whiplash as a result of an accident on the road, whilst travelling as a passenger or whilst using a local train, we can help you to get the financial compensation you’re owed. contact us today and we’ll get your claim moving as quickly as we can.

Slips, trips and falls in Dartford

Although slips, trips and falls may not always cause harm, they can result in very serious injuries. If you lose your footing while you’re walking outside, for example, you could sustain any number of injuries if you fall on to a hard surface, such as a pavement or pathway.

When people are affected by slips, trips and falls in Dartford, it’s rarely their own fault. In many instances, these accidents are caused by poorly maintained facilities or businesses which have failed in their duty of care.

If you’ve suffered a fall or slip, you should certainly access legal advice. Rather than trying to find a local personal injury solicitor in Dartford, why not get in touch with our expert solicitors instead? With extensive experience as a personal injury law firm, we can provide all the help you need when you’re making a claim for a slip, trip or fall injury.

Why give up your chance to get the compensation you deserve? Call Accident Advice Helpline now and let us make your claim.

Work accident in Dartford

Although some manufacturing businesses have now relocated out of Dartford, there are still a number of companies based in the area. There are many industrial businesses situated on the riverside and these provide a large number of job opportunities. Similarly, the large retail units and business headquarters located in the area ensure that there are various job roles available.

In addition to this, Dartford caters for a large number of commuters. Whilst many people work in Central London, they often commute from nearby counties and boroughs. With high-speed rail lines providing a regular service from Dartford, it’s easy for people to commute into the City on a daily basis.

Fortunately, the UK has some of the strictest health and safety laws in the world and this helps to reduce the number of workplace accidents which occur. Whilst this does protect workers, it doesn’t mean that accidents are unheard of.

If you’ve been injured because of a work accident in Dartford, contact our personal injury advisers today. We’ll take all the details of the incident and begin working to get you compensation for your injuries. If you’ve been hurt and you weren’t at fault, why should you have to suffer? Contact Accident Advice Helpline for free no-obligation advice now.

Making a successful claim for compensation

If your injuries have required medical treatment and you don’t think you were responsible for them, it’s vital that you get legal advice. Many people miss out on their chance to obtain compensation, simply because they didn’t access help when they should have.

If you’re worried about the cost of getting legal help, there’s no need to be. You won’t need to spend large sums of money on hiring a personal injury solicitor in Dartford in order to make a claim. In fact, when you make your claim with us, you won’t have to pay anything upfront at all.

To find out more about making a no win no fee claim with Accident Advice Helpline, contact us now on 0800 689 5659 if you’re calling.