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Personal injury solicitor in Chatham

Chatham is one of the Medway towns (along with Strood, Rochester, Gillingham and Rainham) and is located in the North Kent unitary authority of Medway. The town is situated at the point where the lower part of the dip slope of the North Downs meets the River Medway making it an ideal location to make full use of the river which is both fast flowing and deep at this location. Strategically, it was also an ideal mooring point for ships as it was between London and continental Europe.

As long ago as the 16th century, warships were moored here, and a Royal Dockyard was opened by Queen Elizabeth I herself in 1568. The town continued to prosper along with the shipbuilding yard well into the 19th century when thousands of men were employed there. After World War I submarines were built in Chatham Dockyard but as Britain’s naval fleet was reduced or moved to other locations it declined. Eventually, it closed in 1984 but the buildings have been preserved and are now open to the public as Chatham Historic Dockyard. At this educational attraction, visitors can climb aboard a sloop, a destroyer and a submarine and find out more about ship-building past and present.

There is no doubt that Chatham was hit badly by the closure of the shipyard, but modern investment is revitalising the area. People who are looking for a personal injury solicitor in Chatham right now may not have a large sum of spare cash to handover as upfront legal fees. We can help you to start a personal injury claim even if you have no savings.

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Road traffic accident in Chatham

In the past, Medway district has recognised that it has the highest number of accidents involving children in the South East using figures from the Department for Transport. This has prompted the authorities to devise plans to improve road safety, especially for children. Funding was secured to establish school travel plans and walking buses.

Chatham’s position as the hub of the Medway Towns means that its roads cannot always cope with the sheer volume of traffic. Over the years, there have been various schemes aimed at alleviating the congestion and experiments with one-way systems. The High Street in Chatham does not allow traffic, so cars and other vehicles have to travel around it. The latest plan is to shut Globe Lane but there are claims that this will add to the congestion.

Despite the extensive efforts to alleviate congestion and improve road safety, there will always be opportunities for road traffic collisions to occur. Where a lot of people are driving in one area, there are plenty of chances for them to hit each other. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident in Chatham that was not your fault, we want to offer you all the assistance you need to start a personal injury claim. We are experts in this type of claim and will be happy to help if you are looking for a personal injury solicitor in Chatham.

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Whiplash accident in Chatham

With the introduction of seat belt laws a few decades ago, the incidence of head and facial injuries and of fatalities decreased. This was because passengers and drivers were strapped into their seats and did not collide with the windscreen and dashboard or get thrown out of the car as an unrestrained passenger would be. However, their head was not strapped into position, so it continued to move and was then jolted back in a ‘whipping’ action. This led to the emergence of an injury of the neck which was termed ‘whiplash’.

Whiplash is the term given to a collection of symptoms which can include neck pain and stiffness. It is not uncommon to suffer headaches and pin and needles in the arms also. It is a soft tissue injury and the bones are not affected.

Have you suffered a whiplash accident in Chatham in the last three years? If the accident that caused your injury was due to the actions of another driver, we may be able to help you make a claim for personal injury compensation.

A fifth of whiplash sufferers have symptoms lasting over a year so you have every reason to make a claim. Why not get in touch and ask about our no win no fee scheme which allows you to start a claim with no upfront legal fees to pay? Call us today for expert advice.

Work accident in Chatham

Chatham was hit hard by the closure of the dockyard which caused around 7,000 people to lose their jobs and increased the unemployment rate to 23.5 per cent. Since then, great efforts have been made to revitalise the whole Thames Gateway area.

The profile of occupations in the Chatham area is similar to the national picture. The dominant sector (15 per cent) is the wholesale and retail trade sector and there are several shopping areas in Chatham including the Pentagon centre. Together, education and human health and social work account for a further 16 per cent. There are over 50 state-funded and independent schools in the area together with The Universities at Medway which is a tri-partite collaboration of the University of Greenwich, the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University on a single campus in the town.

Whilst there is no data to suggest that a work accident in the education sector in Chatham is any more likely than at other locations in the UK, they can and do still happen. Data from the Health and Safety Executive showed that almost 40% of self-reported non-fatal injuries to workers are caused by handling, lifting or carrying accidents and slip trip or fall accidents. Both of these are possibilities for workers in the Chatham area in all sectors.

Have you been injured at work because your employer failed to provide you with the necessary training or equipment or because your workplace environment was unsafe. Both of these health and safety failures can lead to handling accidents or falls. We completely understand that the thought of claiming against your employer can be daunting, but it may improve health and safety for other workers and get you some much needed compensation. We treat all calls in absolute confidence and will put your mind at ease. Get in touch today to find out more.

Slips, trips and falls in Chatham

Slips, trips and falls are the most common type of injury for members of the public to experience when they are out and about in public areas.

They are often caused by a lack of care or a lack of maintenance on the part of the organisation that was managing the public area. This could be a cinema, shopping centre, car park or supermarket.

A slip typically involves a liquid that has been spilled onto a shiny surface. There should be procedures in place to quickly spot spillages and make the area safe using signage prior to it being cleared up. There should also be appropriate cleaning equipment nearby so that it can be cleared up rapidly.

Did you slip or fall over because there were inadequate procedures in place in a public area? If you feel that your accident could have been avoided if someone had been more diligent, you may be able to start a personal injury claim for compensation.

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