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Personal injury solicitor in Cerne Abbas

Situated in West Dorset, Cerne Abbas is just six miles north of Dorchester. In 2008 it was voted Britain’s ‘Most Desirable Village’, something that the 800 residents will not argue with.

It is particularly notable because of the Cerne Abbas Giant, an ancient chalk figure of a giant naked man on the local hillside. Originally built around a Benedictine abbey, it thrived as a market town although much of its wealth came from brewing a high quality beer, which was sold nationwide as well as being exported.

When the railways bypassed Cerne Abbas in the 19th century the village went into decline. By the end of the century the population has halved and houses and been abandoned in disrepair. These days though it has its own post office, a local school, tearooms, 3 historic pubs and several other shops.

Apart from the giant, tourists are drawn to the area by the streets of historic stone houses, the abbey, the music festival and the church.

It might be ones of the best villages in the country, but that does not mean it is immune to accidents. Sometimes they happen and people are injured through no fault of their own. It is probably a waste of time searching for a personal injury solicitor in Cerne Abbas if you want to make a compensation claim. You should call us at Accident Advice Helpline, as no matter where you are in the UK we can help you. Find out more by calling us today.

Road traffic accidents in Cerne Abbas

There does not appear to have been any road traffic accidents in Cerne Abbas for the past few years, but on the A352 that runs close the village, accidents are more likely to happen. It is an L shaped road that runs from Wareham to Sherborne, via Dorchester and is used by commuters to get to their work. Although not an overly busy road, most accidents happen because of driver error and this sometimes happens on the A352.

If you have been the innocent victim of a road traffic accident, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. Accidents on the roads can have terrible consequences, and you could have your life changed forever. It is only fair if you are suffering because of someone else you should be compensated, and you may be looking for a personal injury solicitor in Cerne Abbas to help you.

Why not call a nationwide specialist law firm instead? We have over 16 years of experience in making successful claims, and have already helped many thousands of innocent accident victims to get the justice they deserved. We are here to help you too, so call us today.

Whiplash accident in Cerne Abbas

Are you considering claiming compensation because you have suffered a whiplash accident in Cerne Abbas that was not your fault? You may be surprised how bad the pain of whiplash is and how inconvenient the neck stiffness can be. People who have never suffered this type of injury do not always realise the extent of the pain and suffering you have to endure for a few weeks until it has healed.

There will be things that you will not be able to do, like driving and going to work. Your life will be totally disrupted for a while, and that could possibly cause you financial problems as well. Any costs and losses that are accident related can be recouped as part of a successful personal injury claim, so make sure you keep proof of payment for as much as you can. Our solicitors will ensure that you are awarded every penny you are entitled to for your own circumstances, so call us today and get your claim started.

Work accidents in Cerne Abbas

In Cerne Abbas itself there are a few jobs in retail and the pubs, but most of the workforce travel into the wider area of West Dorset for their employment. There are a lot of jobs in manufacturing and a particularly large amount in human health and social work, much higher than the national average.

Whether you work in the village, or travel to your job, you have the same right to expect to be safe while you are at work. Part of being an employer is ensuring that your working environment is safe and that there are no work accidents in Cerne Abbas. Employers who fail in this legal duty could find they have to face the wrath of the Health and Safety Executive, as well as a compensation claim if an employ is injured because of their negligence.

A personal injury solicitor in Cerne Abbas might not have the right experience to deal with a work accident claim, but we have experts in all areas of personal injury, including for accidents at work. Call us today for as much information as you need about making a claim.

Slips, trips and falls in Cerne Abbas

If you fall from top to bottom of a flight of stairs because of a broken handrail or poor lighting you could be seriously hurt. If you slip on a spillage on a factory floor and land in a piece of moving machinery, you could be seriously hurt. If you trip over an obstacle in a walkway that should have been clear, you could be seriously hurt. Thankfully most slip, trips and falls in Cerne Abbas are not so serious, but they could be.

If you are injured in this type of accident, and someone else was to blame because of the carelessness or negligence, you may be due some compensation. You can find out for certain by completing our 30-second test™ online or by phone. It will ask you the answers to four simple questions and let you know if you qualify. If you do, it will give you an estimate of how much you could be awarded.

This handy tool is really easy to do, so why not try it today?

No win no fee claims with Accident Advice Helpline

We want all innocent accident victims to have the same chance to claim the compensation they are due. For this reason, we finance all the claims we handle with our no win no fee agreement so that you do not need to pay us any money to get your claim off the ground. Want to know more? Call us now on 0800 689 5659.