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Personal Injury Solicitor In Central Bedfordshire

Central Bedfordshire is a local authority area within the county of Bedfordshire, which is responsible for over 100 services relating to the population of approximately 280,000 people. Only formed in 2009, it has a mainly rural landscape with many small market towns and villages and just a few larger towns.

Either within its boundaries or close by are some very popular attractions for family days out such as Whipsnade Zoo, Woburn Safari Park, Gullivers Land and the Chiltern Hills. There is also no shortage of cafes, restaurants, bars and nightlife for residents to enjoy, and ample retailers for those that like to shop.

At its southern point, it borders the counties of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, with large towns such as Hemel Hempstead, Luton and Aylesbury being just a few miles away. To the north, there is the rest of the county of Bedfordshire, including the county town of Bedford.

Sometimes, accidents happen in Central Bedfordshire and innocent people are injured through no fault of their own. In this situation, the victim could be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation and might be looking for a personal injury solicitor in Central Bedfordshire to help them make their claim. You do not need to search locally, just call Accident Advice Helpline. We operate all over the UK and have already helped many thousands of accident victims win the compensation they deserved. Call us today and find out how we can help you.

Road traffic accidents in Central Bedfordshire

With such major roads running through it as the M1, A1 and A6 it should be no surprise that road traffic accidents in Central Bedfordshire happen. Most accidents on the roads take place in rush hour, usually because of driver error. It could be that they lose concentration for a few seconds or that they misjudge the speed of another vehicle. It really does not matter which is the case, the result is still the same.

People’s lives can be changed forever after a road traffic accident. Although most are minor bumps with no injuries, that is not always the consequences. Victims can suffer such things as losing limbs, brain damage and sometimes they lose their life, all because of the actions of someone else. Even minor injuries can disrupt your daily routine until you have recovered, and the unfairness of this is recognised in law with your right to claim compensation.

Accidents usually cause extra expenses and maybe a loss of income if you have needed to take time off work. Do not let concerns over the cost of a personal injury solicitor in Central Bedfordshire stop you making your claim. Chat to our friendly advisors today about our no win no fee agreement. You do not need to worry about your financial situation when you make your claim with us.

Whiplash accident in Central Bedfordshire

Next time someone tells you they have suffered a whiplash accident in Central Bedfordshire do not assume that it happened on the roads. Although most whiplash injuries are sustained in road traffic accidents, there is no end to the other ways it can happen. Anything that makes your head move out of its normal movement zone can cause whiplash, and this could easily be:

  • Playing contact sports
  • Falling from a cycle, or anything else such as a horse
  • Slipping, tripping or falling over something
  • Something heavy or solid hitting your head

You could be walking past a construction site and a worker drop a tool. If it lands on you in the right place, you could have a whiplash injury, that is how easily it can happen.

Whiplash is more painful than many people realise unless they have suffered it, and it will take at least a few weeks to heal. If you have been hurt in this way in an accident that was not your fault, we can help you make your claim. If you are unsure if you are entitled to compensation complete our 30-second test™. All you have to do is answer 4 simple questions and in less than a minute you will know if you have a valid claim. If you do, you will then be given an estimate of how much you could be awarded. It really is easy, so why not try it today?

Workplace accident in Central Bedfordshire

Roughly 176 thousand people are of working age live in Central Bedfordshire, with 154 thousand of them in active employment. That leaves 2.9 percent of them unemployed, which is quite a bit lower than the national average. The area has almost twice the countrywide average of retired people.

Manufacturing and retail are large employers in the area, but the industry that stands out as having far more employees percentage wise than the rest of the UK are professional, scientific and technical services, closely followed by administration and support activities.

However, whatever industry you are employed in, you have the same right to expect to be safe in your job. It is a legal duty of an employer to make sure that relevant health and safety is in place, to lessen the risk of a workplace accident in Central Bedfordshire.

The Health and Safety Executive and the local authority are responsible for making sure this happens, and between them they have every industry covered. If you have been injured in an accident at work caused by your boss’s negligence, you may be able to claim compensation. Our solicitors are among the best in the personal injury claim industry and they will be able to help you with your claim. Don’t just sit wondering if you should pursue compensation. Call us today and speak to our experts without putting yourself under any obligation at all.

Slips, trips and falls in Central Bedfordshire

Central Bedfordshire is not different to the rest of the UK in the respect that spillages happen and people slip on them, paving slabs get broken and victims trip over them, or stairs are poorly lit and people fall down them. These are just 3 examples of how slips, trips and falls in Central Bedfordshire could happen; in reality, there is no end to the causes of this type of accident.

Most times no one is injured apart from maybe a bruise or graze and a red face. But they can be very serious accidents and cause far more damage than you might imagine. If that slip on a spillage happens to be as a waiter is walking past with a tray of boiling soups, you could sustain some very nasty burns. If the broken paving slab throws you into oncoming traffic the results could be fatal. You could easily break a limb or suffer back damage from a fall down some stairs, particularly if they are of the concrete type that you often get in commercial buildings.

No matter where you go, someone is responsible for your health and safety, and if they fail in this matter you may be entitled to claim compensation. We have over 16 years of experience in making successful claims, and are here to assist you with yours. Why not give us a call today?

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