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Personal injury solicitor in Camden

Camden is a bustling, eclectic borough within London, known for its famous markets, live music and street food. It is a diverse metropolitan area that attracts residents and tourists alike, who mingle and work, following in the footsteps of famous Camden residents like Dylan Thomas and Amy Winehouse.

There’s never a lack of things to occupy you in Camden. It’s a shoppers’ paradise, with a number of open-air markets, including Camden Lock Market, Camden Market and Inverness Street Market, as well as plenty of stores, where you can find everything from crafts, antiques and books to clothing, accessories and household items.

However, as with any busy urban area, Camden has its fair share of accidents and no matter how careful you are, they can happen at any time and in a variety of ways. Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we have over 16 years’ experience of helping the innocent victims of accidents to find claim the compensation you are entitled to.

Whether you were injured on the roads, at work or in a slip, trip or fall that was caused by someone else, we’re here to help you.

Road traffic accidents in Camden

Camden is a heavily built-up area in the centre of Greater London, so it’s not surprising that it can be busy with traffic during both weekdays and weekends. While many commuters use public transport, bicycle or travel on foot, the roads in Camden can become congested. On top of that, in 2013 the local council introduced a 20 miles per hour speed limit on all roads in the Borough except on red Transport for London routes.

Nevertheless, despite road calming measures, there are still road traffic accidents in Camden across the borough, with 1086 people injured or worse in 2015. That same year there were two fatalities with 74 people being seriously injured.

Safety campaigners refer to Camden Road as the ‘Death Mile’ due to the number of accidents that took place between 2010 and 2013 and, while accidents have reduced in number thanks to road safety campaigns and local authority action, the streets in and around this area are still dangerous at times.

The local council has committed to government targets to reduce personal injury accidents on the roads, but accidents still happen and it’s always worth taking extra care on the roads in busy Camden. If you were involved in a car crash or other road traffic accident in the area, talk to our friendly advisers who will take your details, give you free, no-obligation advice if you think you need a personal injury solicitor in Camden to help you to make a claim.

Whiplash accidents in Camden

Given the high volume of traffic in Camden the number of road traffic accidents might not be surprising. What might seem more unusual, though, given the 20mph speed limit in place, is the number of whiplash accidents in Camden.

Many people presume that whiplash is caused in high-speed collisions, but that’s just not the case. Research into the injury shows that even shunts at low speeds can cause the neck to jerk back and forth violently, which is often compounded by the sudden locking of the seatbelt mechanism. This puts strain on the neck and shoulder musculature, leading to the varying symptoms associated with whiplash.

Such symptoms include headaches, muscle pain, loss of range of movement, fatigue, dizziness and others. They usually subside over the course of a couple of weeks or months, but some victims can end up with chronic pain associated with the accident.

It’s due to the nature of whiplash and the fact that it can be sustained in even seemingly minor bumps that it is one of the most common injuries we see here at Accident Advice Helpline. Symptoms can be subtle and it’s difficult to diagnose. Coupled with a fear of claiming caused by negative press, almost a third of all people who suffer from whiplash due to a car accident never go on to claim.

However, around a quarter of all people with whiplash experience continued, chronic pain throughout their lives which can affect work, social activities and relationships. If you sustained whiplash in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault, it’s likely you could make a claim for compensation that could help you out in your time of need, and we can help make the process fast and simple.

Slips, trips and falls in Camden

While we get many calls from people who have sustained whiplash injuries, by far the most common claims we deal with are slips, trips and falls in Camden. There are countless ways people can sustain these types of injuries, from tripping over a loose paving slab in a pedestrianised area, slipping on excess liquid left behind after cleaning in a work lobby or reception area, or falling from a height during work.

Even minor slips and trips can result in multiple injuries, such as a fractured ankle and wrists, as we instinctively put out our hands to shield us in a fall. Sprains, fractures and breaks are all common. However, falling from a height can be much worse.

Falling from a height remains the number one cause of fatalities reported to the Health and Safety Executive each year, with the majority of these as a result of improper working practices. These kinds of accidents can also result in serious, non-fatal injuries like head trauma, brain damage and spinal injuries. Such injuries can seriously affect your life, with many people never fully recovering.

While many accidents happen as a result of our own carelessness, sometimes they are caused by someone else’s negligence. For example, if there were loose paving slabs in a busy High Street that were reported to the local council but not fixed, they could be found liable. Employers have a responsibility to use adequate signage to notify of hazards, so if you slipped in a reception area after the cleaners had been in, and you didn’t see it because there was no hazard sign in place, your employer could be responsible.

No matter how your slip, trip or fall was caused, if it was someone else’s fault there’s no reason why you should have to shoulder the costs of treatment and loss of earnings due to time off work. making a claim with a personal injury solicitor in Camden through Accident Advice Helpline can help you to recoup some or all of these costs.

Talk to us today and find out all the ways in which we can help you to make your claim.

Work accident in Camden

We spend around a third of our lives at work, so it’s unsurprising that many people every day are injured in a work accident in Camden. Camden has a slightly lower employment rate than the national average and there is a great degree of inequality across its constituencies, as reported in research by Dame Julia Neuberger and Dr Maggie Barker, leading to what has been termed the ‘Two Camden’ syndrome.

As might be expected, then, Camden has higher than average numbers of people employed in managerial, professional and associate professional occupations, and lower than average numbers of administrative, skilled trade, service and machine operative workers.

Taken as a whole, it can be noted that a high degree of employment in Camden comes from its many Royal Colleges, higher education institutions and financial organisations.

It may seem that accidents at work should be lower in this area due to the fact that less skilled trade and construction takes place here, but work-related accidents can, and do, happen anywhere. No matter what kind of employment you have, your employer has a duty of care to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent you from coming to harm in the course of your work.

They must provide adequate health and safety training, a safe layout with plenty of space to work and should carry out appropriate risk assessments to reduce the risk of injury from equipment and tools of all kinds.

Camden Council provides a good outline of your rights and responsibilities with regards to safety at work. If you feel like you were injured due to your employers’ carelessness, inaction or disregard, you could be entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation. This could help you to recover losses like loss of earnings due to time off work, the cost of personal care and compensation for your pain and suffering. Not only that, but making a claim can force your employer to reassess their priorities concerning health and safety and make sure that no one else is injured.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we can provide you with a personal injury solicitor in Camden who has experience in dealing with complex cases involving accidents at work.

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