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Personal injury solicitor in Braintree

Braintree in Essex is a medium-sized town that has seen many changes in its history. Once known for the processing and manufacturing of Flemish cloth, from the 14th right up to the 19th century, as well as silk manufacturing, Braintree is a mix of tradition and a modernising economy.

Visitors to the area are drawn to its culture, including the Braintree Arts Centre, Warner Textile Archive and Braintree District Museum, as well as historical sites like Hedingham Castle and Cressing Temple. The Freeport is also popular; a village-style shopping outlet that has more than 85 stores.

While parts of the town have been modernised, part of the attraction of Braintree is its preservation of older building like its barns and silk mills. The Marks Hall Gardens and Arboretum, a landscaped park with woodland walks, is a popular place to walk and enjoy.

With over 150,000 residents, Braintree has a sizable local population, and in summer months in particular those numbers grow thanks to its many visitors. With so many people in one place, the occasional accident can sometimes happen, whether on the roads, in the shops or in the workplace.

Accident Advice Helpline can help you if you were involved in an accident within the last three years and it wasn’t your fault. As one of the largest law firms in the UK, we are expertly positioned to help you make a claim. Call us today to find out more.

Road traffic accidents in Braintree

Braintree is part of the wider county of Essex, an area that has seen road traffic accidents fall in the last five years. Like many local authority areas, Essex along with Braintree District Council has implemented a number of road improvement projects and public road safety awareness campaigns to great effect.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do still happen, and numbers of fatalities on the roads have actually risen in the last three years. While accidents tend to be less common in smaller towns than in larger, metropolitan areas, the ratio of serious injuries and fatalities can, nonetheless, be higher. Part of this may be attributable to the fact that smaller towns are usually connected to larger areas by busy ‘A’ roads and there are also often winding back roads, where drivers can be lulled into speeding by relatively low volumes of traffic.

Speeding in rural areas and back roads can be very dangerous; often there are tight or blind corners that don’t allow full visibility of oncoming traffic, and speeding drivers may be unable to avoid larger goods vehicles coming around a corner. Other times, drivers can lose control on corners and find themselves drifting towards the verge.

Road traffic accidents in Braintree can result in serious injuries, with sometimes life-changing consequences. If you were involved in an accident like this and you weren’t to blame, government legislation entitles you to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

You could search for a personal injury solicitor in Braintree to help you make your claim, but in small towns such as this it can be difficult to find a solicitor with the experience you need. Accident Advice Helpline has over 16 years’ experience in the field of personal injury compensation, and in that time, we have helped thousands of innocent accident victims to make successful claims; and we can help you too.

Whiplash accident in Braintree

Many people believe that whiplash is an injury associated with high speed car crashes, but this isn’t actually always the case. In fact, many whiplash injuries are sustained in crashes where the increased forward speed caused by the shunt is as low as 5mph. This means they can happen in slow moving traffic as much as on open motorways, for example.

This is due to the nature of the way in which the human body reacts to a read-end collision. The moving vehicle transfers its speed into the stationary one, and that force moves the second car forward. The occupants(s) body doesn’t move at first, resisting the force and sinking back into the seat, but it is unable to resist it fully. The body is then thrown forward but, importantly, the head isn’t, at least initially.

It is only then that the accelerating force is applied to the head; the neck and head are extended forward at the same point as the rest of the body has started to decelerate, thus snapping the neck back and forth, causing what we understand as whiplash.

A whiplash accident in Braintree can result in headaches, fatigue, tingling in the arms and neck, as well as back pain. In most cases, these symptoms will subside quickly, but occasionally they can last for weeks, months or even a year or more. This can have a negative impact on work, social activities and relationships.

If you sustained a whiplash injury in an accident that someone else caused, you could make a claim for compensation. You could be compensated for any physical and emotional pain and suffering you may have experienced, as well as replacing some or all of the associated financial costs.

Finding the right personal injury solicitor in Braintree can be difficult. Instead, why not contact Accident Advice Helpline? One free, no-obligation call to our helpline could get you started and, because we work on a 100 per cent no win no fee basis, there are no upfront costs to starting your claim.

Slips, trips and falls in Braintree

If you’re one of the lucky ones, slips, trips and falls in Braintree result in little more than some embarrassment and damaged pride. This is particularly the case if your accident takes place in a busy town centre. However, in some cases, the results can be much worse.

Depending on the nature of the accident, injuries can be much more severe. Some falls can result in fractures, sprains or injuries to the back. In the majority of cases, such slips, trips and falls are just bad luck, but occasionally they could have been prevented. Whether you slipped on a wet floor which should have had appropriate signage, a loose or broken paving slab that should have been fixed, or any other hazard that should have been removed or reduced but wasn’t, you could have a claim.

A personal injury solicitor in Braintree could help you to make a claim, but solicitors can sometimes be expensive, charging large amounts even for initial consultations. Not only that, but you could book such a meeting only to find out that your chosen solicitor doesn’t have the right experience to help you with your claim.

Come to Accident Advice Helpline and take all the hard work out of making a claim. We can help you with expert representation at no upfront cost. We’ll also support you throughout your claim, and will ensure you are fully informed at every stage. Call today for more information on how we can help.

Work accident in Braintree

Thanks to a great deal of local regeneration, which has included an increase in markets, shopping centres and other leisure facilities, Braintree now has an economy with above-average numbers of people working in the sales and service sectors.

While accidents can happen in any line of work, they are often specific to the industry. For example, retail work can sometimes involve an element of moving and lifting, as staff are required to lift boxes on delivery into stockrooms. As this is rarely a significant part of the job overall, it can be easy to cut corners or not provide adequate training for such manoeuvres.

However, improper lifting and handling can result in lower back pain or other musculoskeletal disorders, injuries that can be significantly worsened by repetition. All employers have a duty of care to their employees, which means they must take all reasonable precautions to prevent them coming to harm. Braintree District Council helpfully supplies an abundance of information about health and safety on their website. This includes providing appropriate training on moving and handling, as well as implementing methods that limit the need for staff to lift heavy boxes and palettes.

If you were injured in a work accident in Braintree and you believe your employer was at fault, contact Accident Advice Helpline today to find out how you could make a claim.

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