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Personal injury solicitor in Blackpool

Blackpool in Lancashire is a world-famous seaside resort town, one of the last remaining such towns in the UK that still has tourism as its main economy. It first became popular with British holidaymakers in the 1840s, when a new railway connected it to the industrialised north of England.

The town’s population grew dramatically over a century and, while many seaside resorts were forced to diversify as cheaper foreign summer travel became popular, Blackpool still attracts millions of visitors every year.

The town has numerous famous attractions, with the most well-known of these being Blackpool Tower, the Pleasure Beach, the Blackpool Illuminations and Sandcastle Water Park. It is also a popular conference hub, with many businesses and political parties holding annual conferences there.

With a growing population that swells considerably during holiday and conference season, it’s no surprise that accidents can happen from time to time in Blackpool. Whether on the roads, at work or in a public place, if you were injured in an accident within the last three years and you believe someone else was at fault, you could be entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

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Road traffic accidents in Blackpool

Blackpool is a busy town with a high volume of traffic, so accidents on the roads are a fairly common occurrence. However, in recent years numbers of road traffic accidents in Blackpool have fallen. Numbers of casualties fell from 588 in 2011 to 502 in 2015, thanks in part to a concerted effort by the local council.

Blackpool Council has implemented a number of road safety awareness campaigns, including working with schools and colleges, in partnership with the police, to educate road users and to introduce traffic calming to limit speeds around schools and other vulnerable places. Its Vision Zero campaign aims to reduce the number of deaths on the roads to zero.

Despite plenty of progress, accidents do still happen, and the repercussions can be serious. There is not only the risk of injury to those involved, but also knock-on effects for family members and friends, both financial and emotional. If you were injured in an accident like this and you weren’t at fault, you could make a claim for compensation. You could be compensated for injuries you sustained, as well as recover some or all of the costs you have incurred.

You could search for a personal injury solicitor in Blackpool to help you with your claim, but with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the right one. With Accident Advice Helpline, though, you can be sure that you’re getting expert help and advice; we’ve already helped thousands of people to make successful claims, and we can help you too. Call today to find out more.

Whiplash accident in Blackpool

With so many cars on the roads in Blackpool, whiplash injuries are a high risk. Whiplash injuries can occur even in low speed shunts, such as those that occur in traffic jams. Recent research has given us a better understanding of why this is the case; a combination of the more rigid chassis of modern cars, and the locking action of modern seatbelts.

The head is often the only part of the body not protected by the seatbelt and the force of the shunt carries through the rigid car body into the victim. When their body is thrown forward and the opposing force is applied by the seatbelt, the head is free to jerk forward and back. This overextends the muscles in the neck and shoulders.

This over extension of the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the neck causes an injury known as whiplash. It can lead to symptoms like headaches, shoulder and back pain, tingling in the arms and even fatigue and loss of concentration.

While these symptoms usually subside in a week or two, some people find they last for months or even a year or more. Suffering from whiplash can impact on your ability to work, to enjoy a social life and to care for your family in the way that you used to. Hundreds of people every year suffer because of a whiplash accident in Blackpool, many of whom choose Accident Advice Helpline for their legal representation.

You might be worried about the cost of a personal injury solicitor in Blackpool following your accident, and this could put you off making a claim. This can be particularly the case if you’ve already encountered financial difficulty as a result of your accident. Don’t worry, because Accident Advice Helpline guarantee to work on your claim on a 100 per cent no win no fee basis, meaning there are no upfront payments required in order to start your claim.

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Slips, trips and falls in Blackpool

In busy resort towns that see an influx of visitors during holiday seasons, slips, trips and falls can happen easily. Crowds of people can increase the chances of such accidents, partly because hazards may be obscured by the number of people in front and around you when you are walking around the town.

Common hazards include loose paving slabs, uncovered drains, potholes and obstructions, many of which could be eliminated through better maintenance and care. Indoors, inadequate lighting, wet flooring and clutter can also raise the risk of an unexpected slip, trip or fall. When someone is injured in a fall that wasn’t their fault, they can and should look into making a claim.

Depending on the type of work you do, injuries from your fall might prevent you from working while you recover, and that can mean a loss of earnings, especially if you are on a reduced salary or statutory sick pay. When you add on the other associated costs of your injury, that could spell financial difficulty, adding to your already high stress levels. Is it right that you should be made to carry this financial and emotional burden when it was someone else’s fault?

We don’t think so, which is why our solicitors are on hand to help you claim compensation. You could look for a personal injury solicitor in Blackpool, but how can you be sure that they’ll have the expertise you need? Accident Advice Helpline offers all the help you need under one roof and, as one of the UK’s largest law firms, we can help you wherever you are in the country.

To find out if you’re eligible, take our unique 30-second questionnaire. We’ll tell you if we think you are entitled to make a claim and we’ll even give you an estimate of how much that might be worth. Call today and we’ll help you take the test, or do it yourself right here on our website.

Work accident in Blackpool

It’s perhaps not surprising that large numbers of Blackpool residents work in retail and leisure; the town’s economy is still heavily based around tourism. Although not really seen as a ‘dangerous profession’, workers in this industry can still suffer in an accident at work. The most common causes of injuries in leisure and hospitality are slippery floors, manual handling, falling objects and slippery stairs.

Recent research revealed that around 43 per cent of workers in this industry said they had been injured at work, with 14 per cent of those ended up being hospitalised due to their injuries. Around a third of those surveyed said they had complained to management and, in 16 per cent of cases, that management ignored their complaints.

Wherever you work, your employer has a duty of care to make sure you are safe at work. This means they need to carry out regular risk assessments and remove or reduce hazards, as well as using signage and process and procedures to minimise risks. They also need to act on issues raised around health and safety.

If you were injured in a work accident in Blackpool and you believe your employer was at fault, you could be eligible to make a claim against them for personal injury compensation. A claim could force your employer to take a hard look at their current practices, which could help to ensure that no one else is injured in this way in the future.

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