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Injury after effects: Loss of appetite

Head injuries suffered in work accidents, traffic accidents or by falling, tripping or slipping can cause emotional, cognitive and physical after effects. Even mild concussions, which are usually temporary, may cause long-term effects by stretching or tearing the brain’s nerve fibres.

Post concussion syndrome

Loss of appetite after sustaining an injury may indicate PCS (post concussion syndrome), a condition consisting of a combination of after effects caused by concussions. Other symptoms of PCS include, for example, mood changes and/or difficulties in controlling temper, attention, concentration or sleep problems and changes in sex drive.

Accidents at work

Work accidents causing injuries to the head may include injuries by falling objects; injuries by falling from height or accidents involving vehicles. Other work-related accidents potentially causing head injuries and subsequent after effects may include explosions, slipping or tripping, or being hit by objects being expelled from machinery, for instance, at high speeds.

Work injury compensation

If you were injured at work and subsequently suffered PCS, depression or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), you may be able to claim for industrial injury compensation. To qualify for a claim, your injury must have been suffered within the past 36 months and must have been the result of someone else’s mistake or negligence.

Claiming for compensation

This, of course requires provision of evidence clarifying who was responsible for the workplace accident causing your injury, as well as documentation concerning your injury, how it affected you and what kind of treatment/medication was required in order to assist your recovery.

How compensation amounts are determined

Compensation amounts are generally determined by taking a variety of factors into consideration. This may include loss of earnings, medical expenses and/or the cost of potentially required care for the injured individual and/or dependent members of their family. Pain and suffering are also frequently included, especially if PCS, PTSD and/or depression were involved.

How to claim

All of this may make the process of claiming seem extremely difficult. With the help of an experienced injury solicitor, however, the procedure becomes a whole lot easier. You can enlist the help of a solicitor specialising in work injury claims by making a call (free-phone) to the Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659.

Accident Advice Helpline

This renowned law firm specialises in personal injury claims and offers the services of highly skilled solicitors under conditional fee agreements, meaning claiming will not add to your financial burden.