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Injury on a Cruise ship

It is well known that a holiday on a luxurious cruise ship is going to be that holiday of a life time! If you have been on a cruise holiday you will want to return home with many cherished memories and a suntan, not medical bills and broken bones!

If you have suffered an injury on a cruise ship then not only has it ruined your dream holiday it may have also left you with many questions, such as are you able to claim for compensation?

The most advisable thing to do is to seek free no-obligation advice, and seeing as the government has abolished legal aid for this and the Citizens Advice Bureau has greatly reduced its efforts to help, this leaves Accident Advice Helpline who can provide advice and information on compensation claims and, being a law firm know, exactly the ins and outs of the law so you are guaranteed to receive accurate and relevant information regarding your injury on cruise ship.

You can speak to a trained adviser at Accident Advice Helpline around the clock, free of charge on 0800 689 5659.

You may still be very able to claim compensation no matter where in the world your injury on cruise ship happened and we can explore every possible avenue to discover who was liable for your accident.

We can look at where your accident happened and find out why, if it happened due to faults on the ship itself such as uneven floors, faulty electrics, or hazardous conditions on-board then we can look at collecting compensation directly from the cruise ship company itself, or if you booked through a travel agency then we can look at pursuing a claim from them for failing to notify you of any hazards or issues with the ship.

Whether your accident happened in your cabin, the restaurants, deck or bar we need to find out why this happened not only to bring you justice in the form of compensation but also to ensure this cannot be repeated to somebody else by having the dangers fully rectified.

Accident Advice Helpline was established as a law firm over a decade ago and comprises of independent lawyers from all over the UK and fully trained and dedicated phone advisers and operators who all know how best to help you, with us you are treated with respect and we apply no pressure to pursue a claim, also if we think a claim will not be beneficial to yourself we will tell you so, we won’t put you through a compensation process to bump or our figures or statistics, if we feel it’s the wrong way to go for you we will be honest.

Honesty is our main policy and our celebrity endorser, UK consumer champion fully recommends us based on us being a proved honesty and trustworthy company. Her full recommendation can be viewed on our website as well as many clients testimonials.