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Injury claims how much

The English legal system may seem antiquated but in injury claims, how much is awarded is still down the judge and that can be a great thing. Companies and individuals would like to be judge and jury themselves when they fall foul of the law and through their negligence, cause an injury to the average person on the street. However, judges in the great English legal system can have the final say.

Judges are the stalwarts of the English legal system; they are the guardians of what is fair and right. Companies often try and ‘pull the wool’ over the eyes of people as to the extent of the negligent things they have done. However, the Judge will decide in injury claims how much is fair and just to be paid to victims.

Becoming a judge

The length of time it takes to become a judge varies, but a rough guide is between 10-15 years and they have normally worked for many years as a barrister before being appointed by the Judicial Appointments Commission. There are other ways of becoming a judge but to hold a position in one of the higher courts, it would be normal to have gone through a more standard route.

Working as a barrister for many years, taking cases from solicitors who themselves may work for a personal injury law firm like Accident Advice Helpline for example, hones the skills of a barrister. They learn more than just the legal system. They learn how to administer the heart of the legal system; justice and truth. This is a skill at the centre of being a judge.

Their decisions have life-changing consequences and for example in injury claims how much is awarded is pivotal. If they are unable to discern the facts, then they can end up making the wrong decision with dire consequences.

In the normal course of events, judges make great decisions and the tremendous thing about the legal system is that there is always another court that can be appealed to. European courts have recently gained more say over English law but as with all things, change takes time and this is particularly true of the English legal system where judges preside.

Getting to the truth

In their many years working as barristers, judges learn all the ‘clever ways’ barristers try and present their side of the story. Judges have therefore become experts at seeing through the ‘story’ and establishing the facts. When they rule or give their decision, if it has gone against previous decisions this is called establishing a precedent.

It then becomes part of our legal system and can be cited in future cases. When ruling on injury claims how much is awarded can often be increased by a judge over and above what has been awarded previously. This then sets a precedent for the future claims and cases.

So for the time being, in injury claims how much is awarded is in the hands of the judges.

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