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Injury claim – how much for front teeth being knocked out?

Losing your front teeth in an accident can leave you having to face some painful dental work to repair the damage, and may end up with you having to have some false teeth at the front. Losing your front teeth, doesn’t just affect the way you look, it also changes the way you speak and can cause problems eating. It is no surprise that innocent accident victims sometimes wonder should they make an injury claim – how much for front teeth being knocked out.

But the consequences of this sort of injury can be far more damaging to the self esteem, which for some people can be worse than the visits to the dentist. In fact the same applies to all facial injuries, particularly if the injury leaves scars.

Just imagine for a moment that you earn your living as a photographic model, or maybe as an actress. If you have any work coming up in the few weeks following losing you teeth, and are unable to complete the job, your entire career could be affected.

It is generally thought that women are far more affected emotionally by this sort of injury, as we live in a society where a women looks are considered to be more important than a mans. For this reason, women tend to receive higher awards than men for any type of facial injury. That is unless the man is a male model, an actor or has some other job where his looks are very important, and then he would be awarded a similar amount to a woman.

If you want to make an injury claim – how much for front teeth being knocked out?

There are so many different factors to be taken into account when an innocent victim says they want to make an injury claim – how much for front teeth being knocked out, that it is impossible to give them a figure we can guarantee.

This problem applies to all injuries, as our legal teams want to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your situation. To do this they have to consider many things, including:

  • How severe your injuries are
  • Will you recover from them or are they permanent?
  • What affect have the injuries had on your life, and are they likely to continue affecting the way you live?
  • Have you had to lose time from work and lost income because of it?
  • Will you be able to return to work?
  • Have you incurred any extra expenses because of the accident?

All the aspects can vary so much from victim to victim, that all we can do is give you an estimate of the amount to expect, and you can get this by completing our online 30-second test™

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