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Injury claim: after

None of us want to end up having to contact a personal injury lawyer at a law firm because we have been injured in an accident that was not our fault. One of the most common types of accident is slips, trips and falls. Yet, with some down to earth safety precautions it is very easy to avoid slip, trip and fall hazards and injuries can be prevented.  If you are thinking about making a personal injury claim after a slip, trip or fall then maybe one of the following applies to your case.

Personal injury claim after a slip, trip or fall on a defective floor

Accident Advice Helpline (a leading law firm) receives countless calls from people who have fallen on worn or broken floor surfaces. The organisations that are responsible for floor surfaces used by members of the public can avoid accidents by checking all internal and external floor surfaces regularly. They should also repair any defects quickly with materials that will join appropriately with the original surface

Personal injury claim after a slip, trip or fall on stairs

The friendly professional advisers at the 24/7 Accident Advice Helpline often help people who have fallen on stairs. To avoid this, stairs should be well lit and brightly coloured tape can be used to highlight the edges of steps. Handrails also make it safer to use stairs.

Personal injury claim after a slips, trips or falls on slippery floors

It is inevitable that some areas will get wet or greasy on a regular basis (e.g in some work areas that involve water or greasy materials) this is a common hazard in catering premises. Spillages should be cleared up quickly and must be signposted with warning signs.

Personal injury claim after a slip, trip or fall over trailing cables

Accident Advice Helpline help many people who have fallen over trailing cables. If cables are secured correctly and away from areas where people are walking they will not present a hazard. This can be achieved by securing them along a wall surface, along a ceiling or below a suspended floor. Cables can also be secured using appropriate cable covers.

Personal injury claim after a slip, trip or fall due to poor lighting

Poor lighting is yet another cause of trips that the personal injury lawyers at Accident Advice Helpline deal with every day. Daylight can be optimised with the arrangement of windows and the use of artificial lighting can be maximised by carefully choosing its position. Back up emergency lighting is needed in certain areas where the public have access so that safe conditions can be maintained if the power supply fails.

If a slip trip or fall does take place then it is very important to administer appropriate first aid as quickly as possible. Most shops and restaurants will have first aid boxes and some may have a trained first aid provider. If the accident is on the street then you may have call an ambulance.