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Does an injury claim affect my insurance?

There are all kinds of questions people ask when they are involved in car accidents. No one expects to be involved in a crash, yet accidents can and do happen daily. If you look online, you’ll see some people ask “does an injury claim affect my insurance?”

It’s reasonable to ask this, because any car accident that involves damage to one or more cars involved will require the owners of those cars to get in touch with their insurance company. If you are the guilty party, your car insurance may increase after the accident because you were the one who caused the crash. However, if the third party involved was the cause, this should have no effect on your insurance premiums for the future.

What about protected no-claims bonuses?

If you have protected your no-claims bonus, you may get away without increased premiums in the future. The best bet is to check your position with your insurance company following an accident. However, do remember that if the other party has admitted liability, you shouldn’t be penalised for what happened because you were not at fault.

Many people have legal cover included in their policies. This is ideal because it provides essential cover you would benefit from at times like these. It is often true that people don’t realise the complexities of resolving the issue of blame after a car accident, especially in incidents where the guilty party is harder to determine.

Will an injury claim affect my insurance?

The basic answer is to check what applies in your situation. If you were injured in an accident and you know the other party was to blame, you should make sure you contact Accident Advice Helpline for no-obligation advice surrounding the incident. There is a chance you could potentially claim for some compensation if you were injured and another party was to blame for creating the situation and causing the accident.

Contacting us couldn’t be easier – just call now on 0800 689 5659. When you call us, you have an opportunity to speak with an advisor who’ll let you know whether a personal injury lawyer can accept your case. One of our solicitors could help you receive compensation, no matter how mild or serious your injuries are. Don’t ask will an injury claim affect my insurance – find out now.