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Injury and accident compensation

Fairground attractions trying to escape injury and accident compensation claims could be illegal

Many people enjoy the fun of the fair and theme parks, the exhilaration of the rides with little expectation of injury and, for the most part, safe rides are enjoyed by all fun loving seekers of thrills and spills. We may enter onto rides knowing that we ride at our own risk but few will be aware that the signs prominently displayed that say; ‘riders, ride at their own risk’ do not give freedom to the ride operators to wash their hands of safety responsibility.

Just displaying a sign that says any injury you receive on the ride or as a result of being on the ride are not the responsibility of the ride operator quite often do not hold up in court. The ride operator has a duty of care to all riders and if an injury and accident did occur on the ride, a successful compensation claim can often be submitted.

One issue in society is that we intrinsically trust what we are told and whilst we should not go around in life looking to distrust everyone and every situation we encounter, we should sometimes question the legality of things, even if the source seems official and authoritative. Companies and organisations and fairground operators may think they can escape injury and accident compensation claims simply by putting a sign up, but the truth is they are responsible for the safety of the public.

Compensation claims are usually based in the law of tort and specifically a section of the law of tort called negligence. In our example of a fairground ride, the operator has a responsibility to provide a safe ride for the paying public. How might the ride operator become liable for any injury and accident on one of their rides?

  • If the ride is not properly maintained.
  • If riders are not correctly harnessed into the ride when it is operating.

A sign saying riders ride at their own risk will not absolve a negligent operator of their duty to maintain their ride properly. An innocent victim who is subject to an injury and accident caused by negligence can be liable to make a compensation claim.

Accident Advice Helpline (AAH) are fully aware of the ‘tricks’ people and organisations play to try and dupe the unsuspecting public into not pursuing their rights and works with hundreds of solicitors all of whom are experts in injury and accident compensation law and are more than happy to show negligent ride operators the ‘error of their ways’.

AAH can be contacted via their Freephone number or by going online at where expert operators can connect potential claimants with the necessary expert legal advice; a service that is offered on a no win no fee basis. You can give our team a call on 0800 689 5659 to discuss things in more detail.

The moral of the story is don’t be duped by misleading signs that give you information, always question. Remember the law has at its heart the principle of what is fair and right. Does the sign you are reading seem fair and right?