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Injuries you can sustain from an accident in a beauty salon

What are the injuries you can sustain from an accident in a beauty salon?

There are many injuries you can sustain from an accident in a beauty salon. When you think of all the potential hazards, it’s not surprising if you can imagine quite a few. Unfortunately, many beauty salon accidents involve damage to the skin or hair and this can be long lasting and distressing.

Chemical burns and skin reactions

With rigorous testing of skin products these days, it’s quite unlikely that you will suffer harm from a gentle beauty salon treatment. However, certain treatments, such as chemical peels, involve strong ingredients that can leave you with painful burns and even scarring. This might happen if the technician is inexperienced or has not been trained in how to use the product.

Such treatments are ideally administered by trained beauticians with a nursing background or aesthetic doctors. Pre-treatment skin patch tests should always be done to avoid injuries. Botox should only ever be administered by a professional trained nurse or doctor.

Hair colourants can react with the scalp and cause rashes, itching and even hair loss. Again, a patch test should be done 24 hours before the full treatment.

Slip, trip and fall injuries

Always check the floor when entering a beauty salon. With all those treatments going on there are often spillages. Sticky or oily liquids can cause a slip, trip or fall if they’re not wiped up promptly. Slips, trips and falls can cause sprains and strains, fractures and head injuries and bumps and bruises.

Watch out for trailing cables, as hair dryers and other electrical equipment may have leads across your path. This shouldn’t be the case but can result in a nasty fall if you don’t see them.

Stress, anxiety and depression

We don’t want to leave out these three important injuries you can sustain from an accident in a beauty salon. A lot of our self esteem is tied up in how we look and if you have suffered scarring or a facial injury from a beauty treatment then you can find yourself coping with psychological injuries.

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