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Injuries you could sustain from a hiking accident

Know the injuries you could sustain from a hiking accident

Hiking involves a lot of energy. Age is no barrier but you need a certain level of fitness to undertake hiking safely. There are injuries you could sustain from a hiking accident that can leave you incapacitated for a long time. Fatal accidents occur in the worst case scenarios so being aware and well prepared is essential.

Slips, trips and falls on the trail

Never hike alone is the golden rule. Slips, trips and falls resulting in anything from a few scrapes to broken bones can leave you isolated and incapacitated hours away from help.

Most falls and injuries happen when coming down a trail. If the weather is wet and the terrain slippery, extra care is needed. You are well advised to take a hiking pole to avoid a nasty injury from a slip or trip.

Heat and cold

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be life threatening. When the body’s cooling system fails then it’s an emergency. Similarly, hypothermia can lead to loss of consciousness and even death even on a cold day.

Its useful to know that the body loses heat three times as fast when it’s wet. Keeping dry with appropriate clothing is therefore essential.

Knowing the injuries you could sustain from a hiking accident can ensure you prepare well before setting off.

When someone else is to blame

If you’ve been injured in an accident while on a hike, and believe someone else was to blame, then you could claim compensation.

If there’s been some negligence on the part of your guide that led you to fall or be otherwise hurt, then you’ll have a strong case.

If you’ve been encouraged to hike beyond your capabilities for instance, or some essential equipment you’ve been provided with has failed, then someone else could be to blame for your injuries.

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