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Injuries you could sustain as a bricklayer

Bricklaying is one of those jobs that looks incredibly easy. In reality, those who are fast and good at the job have usually been doing it for many years. While bricklaying would seem like a fairly straightforward job, it doesn’t come without potential risks and the chance that an accident or injury might potentially occur.

Bricklayers can work in a variety of situations, but many work on construction sites, helping to build houses and other buildings. In these cases, they may well be required to work at height on occasion, as the walls gradually get higher. Indeed, while falls are uncommon, they can cause serious injuries and even lead to loss of life where work at height regulations are not followed in the proper manner.

Bricklayer injuries

There are other injuries you could sustain as a bricklayer that may not seem serious, but can lead to significant problems over time. For example, musculoskeletal injuries may occur, and these can jeopardise the person’s ability to do their job and earn money. If you work as a bricklayer and your employer hasn’t done everything they should to reduce the risks to you and to keep you as safe as possible, this may lead to injury.

In this situation, there may be a chance to see whether compensation could be due to you. Every case will vary, and if your injuries were caused by your own negligence, you won’t be able to claim. You must prove someone else was negligent in some manner, and if this can indeed be proven, you stand a more encouraging chance of getting compensation.

Small or significant injuries

Whatever has happened to you as a bricklayer, it is always worthwhile seeking proper advice about your situation. Repetitive strain injury, back injuries, cuts and bruises and broken bones – whatever happened to you, call on Accident Advice Helpline to see whether you can bring a no win no fee claim to try and get compensation for what happened.

Our advisors are ready to provide the advice you need, and we’ll give it to you on a no-obligation basis as well. All you need to do is call 0800 689 5659 to begin with, and we will take things from there. A professional injury compensation lawyer could soon be on your side to help you, so get more information today.