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Injuries board

What is an injuries board?

The Injuries Board is an independent Irish body which regulates personal injury claims made in Ireland. Formerly known as the Personal Injuries Assessment Board, it assesses claims relating to road traffic accidents, work injuries or public liability accidents, but excluding cases of medical negligence.

Claims are assessed using medical reports provided by the claimant’s doctor, and the Injuries Board then makes a decision with regards to compensation.

Is there an injuries board in the UK?

Whilst there is a injuries board in the UK, this relates to criminal injuries rather than personal injury compensation. In the UK, personal injuries are generally handled by a compensation provider or personal injury lawyer, who will be able to represent your case and progress it through the necessary channels.

How is eligibility to claim determined?

If you have been involved in an accident, you will need to be able to answer yes to the following questions in order to make a claim:

  • Was someone else to blame for your accident?
  • Did your accident happen within the past three years?
  • Did you need to see a doctor or other healthcare professional as a result of your injuries?

Another way to check your eligibility to claim is by using an online tool, such as Accident Advice Helpline’s 30-second calculator. It will also give an approximate compensation figure for you to work from, which will allow you to manage your personal expectations of the claims process and how it may be able to benefit you.

How is a compensation figure reached?

Based on previous cases similar to your own, compensation figures generally take into account:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • The part of your body affected
  • Your expected recovery time (or long-term effects, if relevant)
  • Any expenses incurred, such as medical bills and care costs

The claims process is in place to allow you to be fairly compensated for your injuries in circumstances whereby the accident happened through no fault of your own.

How can a claim be made?

To make a claim, you should get in touch with a specialist law firm, who will be able to give you further advice and information. At Accident Advice Helpline, we do our utmost to ensure that most cases can be processed entirely via the telephone, which ensures minimum fuss and worry for you as the claimant.

To start the ball rolling, you can give us a call on 0800 689 5659 phone. Alternatively, if you prefer to take the online route, we have a short claim form on our website which will also start the process.