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Industrial accident compensation

When industrial accidents occur, they typically happen in a workplace environment. Whilst any type of workplace can be the scene of an accident, an industrial injury often refers to injuries which have occurred in certain types of companies or sectors. For example, an incident on a building site, on the factory floor, in a warehouse or an incident involving hazardous chemicals, may be described as an industrial accident.

Due to the nature of these incidents, people can sustain very serious injuries. If machinery is involved, for example, the accident victim could experience crush injuries or may suffer the loss of a limb, if something goes wrong. As industrial accidents can be so serious, there are strict guidelines which should be followed in these working environments.

Employers should ensure that safety protocols are followed, for example, and that all employees have the appropriate training and safety equipment. If employers fail to do this and someone is hurt, they can be held liable and they may be required to pay industrial accident compensation.

If you’ve been hurt at work and you don’t believe the incident was your fault, why not contact us for free no-obligation advice? We can confirm that you’re eligible to make a claim and provide any additional information you might need. Just call Accident Advice Helpline to speak to an adviser about your claim today.

Claiming after an industrial accident

Sometimes, industrial accidents occur on a large scale and affect hundreds, or even thousands, of people. An explosion or a fire at a chemical factory could cause numerous injuries and fatalities, for example. Whilst this type of accident could certainly enable victims to claim compensation, industrial accidents can occur on a smaller scale as well.

Often, there will only be one victim of an industrial accident but this doesn’t prevent them from taking legal action. If poorly maintained equipment malfunctions, for example, it could cause harm to the employee using it. Alternatively, if workers are expected to lift heavy equipment or stock but aren’t given the appropriate manual handling training to do so, they may make a claim for subsequent back injuries.

As claimants can take action for almost any type of workplace injury, you don’t need to meet a specific definition in order to be eligible to obtain industrial accident compensation. Providing the incident wasn’t your fault, you required medical treatment and the incident occurred within the last three years, you should be entitled to compensation for the injury you’ve sustained.

To find out more about claiming after an industrial accident, get in touch with us at Accident Advice Helpline now.

Industrial accidents and injuries

Although some industrial accidents can cause serious injuries and even fatalities, some workplace accidents cause more minor injuries. Whilst some incidents are more serious than others, it can be difficult to predict what type of incident will cause the most devastating injuries. A simple slip, trip or fall may not sound too serious, for example, but if the individual hits their head as they fall, they could sustain a severe brain injury.

When it comes to claiming industrial accident compensation, you should be able to make a claim for almost any type of injury. You’ll need to show that you obtained treatment from a medical professional before you’ll be awarded compensation but, providing you can do this, you should have a good chance of being awarded the compensation you deserve.

If you’re keen to find out if you can claim compensation for industrial accidents and injuries, call Accident Advice Helpline today.

Establishing liability after an industrial accident

When accidents happen, it isn’t always obvious who’s to blame. In order to obtain compensation, however, you’ll need to identify who is liable for the harm you’ve suffered. Fortunately, you won’t have to do this alone.

Once you’ve told us how the incident occurred, where the accident happened and what injuries you sustained, we’ll be able to determine exactly who is responsible for your injuries and who owes you compensation. Establishing liability after an industrial accident is an important part of making a successful claim, so you’ll want the best help you can find.

If necessary, we can help you to collect relevant evidence which can be used to support your claim. If other people saw the incident occur, for example, their witness statements can help to confirm exactly how and why you were injured, and this can be used to highlight who is liable for your injuries.

To determine who is responsible for your industrial injuries, contact Accident Advice Helpline and speak to our expert personal injury team today.

Claiming industrial injury compensation

If you’re considering taking legal action, it’s important to find out how much your claim could be worth. This will give you an idea of how much industrial accident compensation you could be awarded and it may also prevent you from accepting a settlement which is far lower than it should be.

At Accident Advice Helpline, we’ve made it easy to find out how much industrial injury compensation you could be entitled to. Our easy 30-second test™ takes your injuries into account and provides a quick way to determine just how much your injury claim could be worth. To find out how much compensation you could be awarded after an accident, why not take our 30-second test™ right now?

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to talk to someone about claiming industrial injury compensation, get in touch with our personal injury advisers now. We’re always on hand to answer your questions and we’ll make sure you’ve got all the information you need before you start your claim.

Getting no win no fee legal help

For many potential claimants, the idea of paying expensive legal bills prevents them from taking action, even if they’re eligible to do so. However, your financial situation should never stop you from claiming the compensation you’re entitled to.

At Accident Advice Helpline, we’re committed to helping all our claimants on a no win no fee basis. This means that you can make your claim with us without having to pay any upfront fees or legal bills.

As well as helping you on a no win no fee basis, we’ll also provide free no-obligation advice. You can speak with our expert advisers whenever you need to and learn more about making a claim so that you’re well-equipped to start your injury claim.

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