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How you develop anxiety

How you develop anxiety following an accident

Anxiety is natural to human beings. It’s quite normal to experience anxiety at various times throughout our lives. We might feel anxious before taking an exam or our driving test. Perhaps before an important job interview or even before going away on holiday. How you develop anxiety due to someone else’s negligence is explained further here.

If you’re a natural born worrier it can be difficult to cope with the aftermath of an accident. If your anxiety has developed due to a difficult situation in your workplace then you may be suffering from chronic anxiety.

How you develop anxiety explained

Generalised anxiety disorder is a recognised illness that requires medical intervention. It’s an unpleasant illness that can affect every aspect of your life and your future if not treated.

If you’re suffering from chronic anxiety following an accident that wasn’t your fault, you might be finding it difficult to recover from your physical injuries. The  mind affects the body and the two are so interlinked that both need help.

When your life is turned upside down by a serious accident then you might feel insecure about your financial future. You will be worrying how you will make ends meet if you can’t work. Maybe your relationships will be threatened. It can be a downward spiral of intrusive and worrying thoughts.

How you develop anxiety in the workplace

If you’re unhappy with your job then you might be looking for something else. This isn’t an option for everyone in an ever-changing employment market. If you have family and financial commitments you might feel it’s too risky to change jobs.

What if your workplace is making you ill? Do you dread Monday mornings? Are you being bullied at work or given more work than you can cope with? Is your working environment toxic with poor lighting, poor ventilation and overcrowding? Do you fear having an accident because of lack of safety at work? All these factors can lead to chronic anxiety and make you ill through no fault of your own.

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We are an established law firm specialising in helping victims of non-fault accidents and incidents get personal injury compensation. We recognise anxiety as a legitimate psychological injury for which you can claim compensation.

If you’re suffering from anxiety following a non fault accident we can help you. If your anxiety has been caused by lack of safety or care at work, the same applies.

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