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How you could develop depression

Have you ever wondered to yourself about how you could develop depression? It happens to be a very common consequence of being in an accident and being faced with a personal injury. Should the worst happen and you are faced with an injury and suffer depression afterwards, then you may wish to consider claiming compensation.

Personal injury cases are all too common and can happen at work, on the road or even when you’re out in public places. Should you suffer an accident of this kind and it wasn’t your fault, you may wish to seek compensation and help ensure your finances are looked after whilst you recover.

How you could develop depression

How you could develop depression is probably one of the last things you’d think about following an accident, but it can happen.

Accidents have a number of consequences. Dealing with the initial injuries as well as the shock of suffering an accident is enough to put a strain on anyone’s mental health, but it’s what happens following an accident which could be the problem.

Your injury could mean that not only are you unable to work, but you find yourself unable to go out, look after the children or exercise – all of which can start to take its toll. Whilst a few weeks off work sounds great at first, after a while you can become bored and frustrated, and the lack of routine can start to make you feel lost, and then possibly depressed.

Whilst depression doesn’t affect everyone after an accident, how you could develop depression depends on an individual and their circumstances. Financial problems as a result of your accident, for example, could be one way in which your mental health is affected.

Getting help with a claim

Being unable to work is one of the most severe consequences of an accident and one which could leave you struggling to cope. By making a claim, you could be compensated for any loss of earnings caused by your accident as well as other expenses you may have had to pay out for.

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