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How you could develop a toe injury

There are several ways how you could develop a toe injury. It can be happen as the result of a repetitive action, (often associated with your job or a sport); it can happen when you stub your toe, or it can happen when you drop something heavy on your foot.

If your toe is broken or fractured, it can take up to about 6 weeks to fully repair itself. It is possible for it to mend itself without medical intervention. However, if you are considering claiming personal injury compensation, because someone else was to blame for the injury, you will need to prove that you did indeed receive medical treatment.

Regardless of how you injured your toe, it will probably be extremely painful, especially if it is the big toe that is damaged. It could also be quite debilitating and may result in you having to have time off work, which could lead to a loss of earnings.

How you could develop a toe injury at work

Now you have an insight into how you could develop a toe injury, you should also be aware that you could be entitled to claim personal injury compensation, if someone else was to blame or was at fault.

Take your employer for example. If your job involves carrying heavy objects or materials, your employer should issue you with safety shoes or boots. These have steel caps which will protect your toes should anything heavy fall on them.

If you employer hasn’t issued you with them, and something does fall on your foot, this is a prime example of how you could develop a toe injury that wasn’t your fault, and that you could claim compensation for.

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