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How to treat sunstroke

Sunstroke can be a serious, life-threatening condition if action is not taken at the first signs of it appearing. If somebody is suffering from heatstroke or sunstroke, it’s important to know what to do. How to treat sunstroke will depend on how serious the symptoms seem to be but you should always call for emergency medical assistance so that treatment can be provided. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to give the person something cold to drink, avoiding caffeine and alcohol and help them to lie down.

Sprinkling them with cold water can also help, as can using a damp cold cloth on the back of their neck. If they feel well enough to take a cold shower or bath or eat cold food, this can also be helpful. If you or somebody you know has suffered from sunstroke then you may find you’re able to claim personal injury compensation, depending on how it happened.

How does sunstroke happen in the UK?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that sunstroke isn’t likely to be a problem here in the UK, where we don’t get much sunshine. But knowing how to treat sunstroke is important as it can actually still occur here during the summer months. Perhaps you work in agriculture and your employer has insisted you spend all day outside working in the sun, without any breaks – this could lead to sunstroke and dehydration. Or maybe your child’s school has taken them on an excursion and allowed them to stay outside in the sunshine all afternoon without food, drinks or shade and they have become ill.

Whatever has happened, it’s clear that negligence has occurred in both these cases, and you could find yourself eligible to make a claim for personal injury compensation if you or somebody you love has been struck down by sunstroke.

Be aware of how to treat sunstroke

Whilst knowing what to do if somebody is suffering from sunstroke is important, there are other things you need to consider if this has happened to you. You could find you’re eligible to make a no win no fee claim for personal injury compensation provided it hasn’t been more than three years since you suffered sunstroke. You can call Accident Advice Helpline today on 0800 689 5659 to find out more about making a claim. Our advisors offer confidential, no-obligation advice, so you have nothing to lose by getting in touch.