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How much you could get for different claims

If you have been in a car accident, you may wish to know how much you could get for different claims and of course, this depends on the type of injury you have suffered. In the first instance, it is important to point out that to claim compensation, your injuries have to be caused by a third party acting in a negligent manner. If this is the case and your accident happened within the past three years, you are right to be contemplating how much compensation you might be able to win.

The problem here is that the amount of compensation that can be claimed varies with each specific injury and even within that umbrella, the level of damage to the body has also to be taken into consideration. Also, when compensation levels are being assessed, the impact that the accident will have on an individual’s life is also taken into account.

When people are in accidents there are also other factors to consider. One of the major factors is the expenses that arise from the injuries. This could include having someone to come in and care for you each day; travelling back and forth to hospital appointments; prescription costs and also hospital car parking, which are just a few among a whole host of costs that you will not have planned for.

How much you could get for different claims

Subsequently, this means that speculating over how much you can get is not really useful. You need the facts. This is why you should ring Accident Advice Helpline. We are a law firm that specialises in personal injury compensation and have been helping people to win the maximum level available for their injuries since the year 2000. Making an enquiry with us will never place you under any obligation, but it will give you clarity about how much you might be able to claim.

Initially, we need to find out if you have a viable claim. This can be discovered with a 30- second test that you can be helped through by one of our professional friendly advisers. If however, you would prefer to do the test yourself on our website, then this is open to you too. It is at this point, when we have determined that you have a feasible claim, that we can furnish you with an estimate of what your claim could be worth.

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All our lawyers operate on a no win no fee basis which means that you will never need to supply funds to get a claim going. So don’t delay; take the opportunity now to find out how much you could get for different claims by ringing Accident Advice Helpline. The number is 0800 689 5659.