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How much is paid for whiplash and back pain?

What is whiplash and how much is paid for whiplash and back pain?

Whiplash is a term that everyone will have heard at one stage or another, but do you really know what it means?

In fact, whiplash is a non-medical term that is used to generally describe a collection of different neck injuries that are all caused by sudden jolting or jerking of the neck which damages neck muscles. Whiplash injuries tend to cause chronic neck pain to the sufferer, which gives rise to secondary symptoms of restricted motion and muscular pain in other areas due to the holding of the neck in unnatural positions. The pain often travels into the shoulders and back causing distress and discomfort. If you’ve been a victim of whiplash you may be wondering how much is paid for whiplash and back pain by way of compensation?

When does it occur?

Whiplash injuries are most commonly associated with road traffic accidents due to the fact that these create the exact type of movement which can damage neck muscles, when a victim is thrown forwards in their seat by impact and then snapped back by their seatbelt.

This movement, and therefore whiplash itself, is even more prevalent in collisions when a vehicle suffers a rear-end impact, and as such sufferers were often victims of another person’s mistake or negligence. This type of accident can also jar the muscles of the spine and cause back pain.

What if my whiplash injury was somebody else’s fault?

If you suffer a whiplash injury and somebody else was to blame, the law states that you are entitled to seek compensation for the physical, emotional and financial pain that can ensue.

Generally speaking you have a period of three years from the incident in question in which to begin claims proceedings, before your ability to claim will elapse. With this in mind, you may now be asking one question: “How much is paid for whiplash and back pain?”

How much will I get for whiplash claims proceedings?

When it comes to this question, there is no direct answer that applies in every case, as each claim can give rise to a different compensation award. However, there are certain factors which are taken into account in every case, including the severity of the injury, the amount of time taken to recover and the degree to which the injury affects your life.

Who can help me to claim?

Accident Advice Helpline have over 15 years’ worth of experience of handling all manner of compensation claims, and with this in mind are the very best people to trust with your claim. We always do our utmost to get claimants all of the compensation that they deserve, which has been recognised by 0800 689 5659.