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How much compensation is a whiplash injury worth?

What is whiplash and when does it occur?

Whiplash is a term that is used in common parlance but is not actually a medically recognised term, as it is typically applied to a number of different injuries. These injuries are all neck muscle injuries that are caused by a sudden jolting or jerking movement which puts excessive stress and strain on the neck muscles causing damage. These whiplash injuries are actually quite common and regularly occur as a result of a road traffic accident where the victim is thrown forward in their seat by an impact and is then snapped back by the action of their seatbelt. An impact from the rear is therefore the most common type of car accident that can give rise to whiplash injuries which means that more often than not a victim of whiplash was not at fault for the incident that caused the injury.

What if your whiplash was somebody else’s fault?

If you suffer a whiplash injury as a result of a road traffic collision that was somebody else’s fault then the law states that you are entitled to seek compensation for the physical, emotional and financial implications that will accompany your injury. From the time of the incident in question, you have a period of three years in which to begin claims proceedings after which you are no longer entitled to claim. With this in mind you are likely to be asking the question, ‘How much compensation is a whiplash injury worth?’

How much compensation is a whiplash injury worth?

When it comes to the question of how much compensation is a whiplash injury worth, there is unfortunately no definitive answer as each individual claim will have its own circumstances that will be taken into account when a compensation award amount is decided. What this means is that the question of who can get me all of the compensation that I deserve, is a more important one than that of how much compensation is a whiplash injury worth.

Who can get me all of the compensation that I deserve?

The best way to ensure that you get all of the compensation that you deserve is to trust your claim to the most experienced and trusted specialists in the personal injury field; Accident Advice Helpline. Accident Advice Helpline have been handling all variants of personal injury claims for over 13 years and can apply all of their experience to your claim to get you the very best possible settlement.

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