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How much compensation from claiming?

Every accident victim wants to know how much compensation from claiming for injuries they will receive

The law states that if you have been injured and it is someone else’s fault, you should be entitled to compensation. Whether you have been injured at work, on the road, in a restaurant or in the street, Accident Advice Helpline can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, often one of the first questions we get asked from our clients is ‘How much compensation from claiming for injuries will you receive?’

Compensation for injuries, pain and suffering and loss of earnings

It is impossible to give a direct and full answer to that type of question, ‘How much compensation from claiming,’ because compensation awards depend on many different factors. These include where on your body you suffer the injury, how severe the injury is and how badly you are affected. It also has to take into consideration how long it will take for you to fully recover from your injuries. In addition, it must be taken into consideration how your ability to function normally is affected.

For example, you may have difficulty washing and dressing, standing to iron and cook and other usually straightforward activities. You may have difficultly sleeping, which can affect your concentration and mood. You may not be able to drive or go to work, which will have a negative impact on your bank balance and your ability to manage your household finances. This can all lead to stress and worry as well as frustration.

Compensation should take into account pain and suffering as well as loss of earnings. We at Accident Advice Helpline will work hard to make sure you get the compensation that you need and that you are entitled to. To find out if you can make a claim and if Accident Advice Helpline can help you is easy. Just pick up the phone today or get in touch via our website.

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