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How much compensation for loss of limbs?

There are literally hundreds of accidents and incidents daily that result in injuries and ailments to innocent victims who were by no means to blame for the pain and suffering that they have endured. One of the most serious and heartrending of injuries that can result from one of these such accidents is the loss of a limb and this is surely also one of the most difficult injuries for a victim to recover from.

This is the case, as beyond the obvious physical pain and problems that result from the loss of a limb, there are also significant psychological and financial implications for the victim. In terms of the financial, there can be anything from significant levels of counselling to remodelling of your home for accessibility purposes, which you may have to pay for.

It is for these reasons that the law states that if you do lose a limb, or are injured in any other way, and somebody else was to blame, then you are entitled to seek compensation to help account for these physical, psychological and financial hardships. This article therefore, will answer several questions regarding seeking compensation including; how much compensation for loss of limbs is available, who can help you to claim and how you can contact them.

How much compensation for loss of limbs is available?

When it comes to the question of how much compensation for loss of limbs is available, it is important to realise that when compensation award amounts are decided, the key question which is assessed is that of how much compensation for loss of limbs helps to make up for the suffering of the victim. What this means is that for those victims who suffer more, more compensation will be awarded as a means of recompense.

Who can help you to claim?

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