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How much compensation for food poisoning?

Eaten something that’s made you ill? How much compensation for food poisoning could you get?

If you have suffered illness in the last three years in an incident which you can prove was caused by another person’s negligence, then you may be able to make a personal compensation claim.

This may be a work-related illness or an occupational disease which you can prove was caused by your employer’s negligence. You can also make a claim for an illness such as food poisoning which was caused because of negligence on the part of another person. How much compensation for food poisoning? It depends!

How much compensation for food poisoning?

Sadly every year, some people returning from a foreign holiday ask: how much compensation can you get for food poisoning? Food poisoning is caused by several types of bacteria and this can proliferate given certain temperatures. You can get it if food has been left out for some time, as it sometimes is in buffet-style meals in hot climates. You can also contract it if salad greens have not been thoroughly washed – lettuce has been the cause of several outbreaks of food poisoning in different parts of the Western hemisphere in recent years.

In answer to the question, how much compensation for food poisoning, the answer is that it depends on the severity of your symptoms. If your symptoms are minor, diarrhoea for a few days or weeks, with stomach cramps, then you could receive between £600 and £2,800. You will have to have received medical treatment for the illness if you are to claim compensation as your solicitor will need to show medical reports to support your claim.

If your symptoms were more severe, for example if you had to be admitted to hospital, then you could receive between £2,800 and £6,800. Severe food poisoning symptoms can include a stay in hospital, permanent irritable bowel syndrome, and your symptoms could also have an impact on your ability to work and have a full social life. In these cases you could get between £6,800 and £37,500.

You can also claim for the cost of your ruined holiday as well as any loss of earnings if you could not work on your return to the UK. The cost of medical treatment and expenses and so on, and such claims are made easier if you booked a package holiday with a UK tour operator. It is also likely that other guests staying at the same hotel would have suffered similar symptoms, an in this case a group case could be filed against the tour operator.

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