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How much compensation for a cycling accident?

If you have been injured while riding your bicycle, you may be wondering how much compensation for a cycling accident? First of all, to claim compensation it has to be proven that your injuries are the result of a third party acting in a reckless way. This could mean that a car driving around a blind bend came over to the wrong side of the road and hit you head on. In a case like that, you could most likely claim compensation for your pain and suffering and may be able to win back any expenses that were incurred because of your accident.

However, if the accident took place because you were so busy drinking a soft drink that you rode your bicycle into the back of a car, then the likelihood of you being able to claim compensation is negligible. Furthermore, your accident should have taken place in the last three years to qualify.

Finding out how much compensation for a cycling accident you might be able to claim is difficult to assess without having specific details of the accident. However, there are average amounts that can be referred to. For instance, a minor head injury can vary from £1,250 to £7,000 whereas a very severe head injury can vary from £155,000 to £222,000. As you can see, the amounts vary tremendously and this is why you need the help of experts in personal injury compensation.

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The best way to get this is to telephone Accident Advice Helpline. Since the year 2000, we have helped thousands of people like you to get the maximum amount of compensation that their injuries deserve. To get a better idea of the amount that you may be able to get, you can take our 30-second test™.

You have two options here. You can either be helped through the test by one of our friendly professional advisers, or you can do it yourself online. This will determine if you have a feasible claim. Once this is understood, then you will be provided with an estimate of what your claim could be worth.

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At this point, you will be assigned a lawyer on a no win no fee basis. So you will not have to pay out to get your claim going.

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