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How much compensation for a broken hip?

Are you laid up in hospital and wondering how much compensation for a broken hip?

If you’ve had a fall while out shopping and suffered a fracture then you might be wondering how much compensation for a broken hip. Perhaps you slipped on a spillage on a shop floor or tripped over unmarked road works. Maybe you collided with an obstacle on the pavement or were knocked over by a cyclist.

There are lots of questions innocent victims of accidents have about claiming compensation, especially as for most of them it will be their first experience of making a personal injury claim. They want to know if they qualify for compensation, if the process is difficult, how long it will take, and how much it will cost them. In your circumstances, you’ll be asking how much compensation for a broken hip?

Answering the question – How much compensation for a broken hip?

At the start of a claim, no one can guarantee how much compensation will be awarded, there are too many things that can affect it, including:

  • The severity of your injury – is it permanent, or will you make a full recovery?
  • How the injury has affected your life – has your life been changed forever, or just until you are better?
  • Have you had to lose time from work – lost earnings can be claimed for, for the future as well if your injuries are such that you will never go back to work.
  • The extra expenses that accidents always create – these could be something as small as prescription charges, or parking fees at the hospital, but could also be much more expensive. Childcare, home help, adaption to or moving home could all cost a lot of money.

As every victim’s circumstances are different, similar injuries can have different outcomes. This means that at this early stage of a claim, the best we can do is give you an estimate of your compensation.

Using our 30-second test™

Our online 30-second test™ asks you just four simple questions about your accident and injuries, and should take no more than a few seconds to complete. First of all it will let you know if you qualify for compensation and will then give you the estimate of how much it could be.

If you would rather find this out by speaking to someone, a friendly advisor will run through the test by phone.

Call Accident Advice Helpline to get the answers to all your questions

You can get answers to all your questions and all the free claims advice you need, by calling our friendly and helpful advisors. They will listen to the details of your accident and injuries, and then give you information that relates to your circumstances.

Chatting to them puts you under no obligation to make a claim, so why not give us a call today. Call for free on 0800 689 5659.