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How much compensation can I get for a serious whiplash?

We understand why you’re asking ‘how much compensation can I get for a serious whiplash?’

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries reported and claimed for after a car accident. A lot of people have been asking how much compensation can I get for a serious whiplash?

The government has been attempting to cut down on the number of claims for this, as it is estimated that for every accident reported there are around three claims for whiplash and this is costing the insurance companies around £2 billion a year. These costs are passed on to the motorist via insurance premiums which have gone up by around £90 per annum to pay for these claims. New legislation was introduced on 1st April 2013 in an attempt to clamp down on bogus claims for whiplash. However if you have a genuine claim, then you can still get compensation for your injury. The problem has been that although the number of accidents has gone down, the number of claims for whiplash has risen.

How much compensation can I get for a serious whiplash?

How much compensation can I get for a serious whiplash or for any other injury is more difficult to answer than you could imagine. There are many factors to take into account, but here are the figures for whiplash compensation.

For severe whiplash, when recovery takes years rather than weeks or months, you could receive between £5,150 and £16,400. However, very few cases of whiplash are severe. For a minor injury when recovery takes place within two years, then you could expect to receive between £2,800 and £5,150. If you are fully recovered in a few weeks or within a year, then you could expect to receive between £875 and £2,800.

Compensation will also take into account loss of earnings, medical treatment and costs, as well as expenses related to your injury which you would not otherwise have incurred. The idea behind compensation is that you should not be worse off than you were before your accident.

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